Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips for The Vancouver Canucks

                        Los Angeles Kings lead the series 2-1
                         by Lisa Ovens

The Kings/ Canucks Quarter Final Game Three on Monday night was a toughie to watch. And losing two in a row during the Stanley Cup Playoffs tends to humble the positive thought train. But we Canucks fans have been here before. This should be "old hat" for us.

The Vancouver Canucks could try some of the following as they look ahead to Game Four on Wednesday, April 21st.....

Canucks can build on game three, starting with that much stronger third period. Plus, they need to let the fire in the belly from the disallowed goal fester, and I mean FESTER ( isn't that a great word?).

Re-tooling the special teams portion of the menu kind of goes without saying. The Kings have 7 power play goals in three games. Coach Alain Vignault says they've "got 48 hours to find a solution." He said that twice during his post game presser. Pretend you are solving a murder, Alain.

Jeff Vinnick's photo of the book "Hockey for Dummies" styled with LA King logos from what looks like a jacket: just take that off of Canucks.com immediately. This kind of "trash talk" can come back to bite us on the ass!
photo by Jeff Vinnick: maybe not the best choice
at this point in the round. I'm just sayin'...

Maybe Canucks GM, Mike Gillis ought to complain about the officiating in the media, just for something to do. Or craft a 2002 Salt Lake City Gretzky- like speech and take some of the heat off the team. This will also help difuse the Canuck`Fan-xiety that will most certainly flood the sports talk radio shows' phone lines and online "comment threads"  today and tomorrow.

And here's one, a good one from my buddy Andrew Lavigne..." Luongo's body language has to change. His wife is probably the only one who could talk to him about this one. When he lets in a goal, his whole body reacts, he hangs his head. He's acts out his disappointment. All I can say is "Luongo, you play poker...where's your poker face?"

Andrew hits the nail on the head: Roberto Luongo is the captain, the leader of his team. Time to be stoic, Lou. And the next best thing to actually being stoic, is acting stoic. I believe that's you there on the side of a hockey rink. Hey... Anybody have Gina's email address??

And finally, I'm on the hook to buy a Kings fan dinner when she comes on a hockey road trip next season if the Canucks don't get the job done, so come on Canucks...just get'er done!!

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