Saturday, April 17, 2010

Holy Third Period, Batman!

Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks
RD One best of seven series tied: 1-1

by Lisa Ovens

It's safe to say the Los Angeles Kings aren't the team to ease off the gas pedal on if you are the Vancouver Canucks. This became very evident during the 2nd period of Game Two at GM Place on Saturday night. The Canucks watched their two- nothing lead evaporate into the humid, evening air. And just like Game One,  Game Two had to be decided in overtime. But this time, it was the crowns enjoying a sudden victory in a 3-2 OT win.

Game Two OT Goal: Anze Kopitar at 7:28 1st OT Period
Game One OT Goal: Mikael Samuelsson at 8:52 1st OT Period

 Both overtime goals came in the first OT periods, which is a blessing for both teams. Better to get the OT goal scored fast in the playoffs (this coming from a fan who sat in the stands through a quadruple OT playoff game in 2007). We fans do not want to see our teams wear out in round one!

Anyay, back to game two... Holy third period, Batman! I love it when the crowd drowns out the broadcast booth! This was as exciting as a playoff period can get, just minus goals scored. And the OT period picked up the pace where the third left off. Unfortunately for the Canucks and their "two many men" penalty call, the Kings went in for the kill. Well, the kill ended up going in off of Luongo's stick.

A Few of My Highlights from Games One and Two

Alexander Edler's "Howdy Doughty" hit on Drew Doughty
Ryan's Smyth's nose
Jonathan Quick's big save OT Game One
Andrew Alberts This is actually a LOW light for the Canucks, because in two games Alberts took 5 penalties and a game misconduct, with three penalties in Saturday night's loss. This has cost us dearly and the only word I can think of right now is lunkhead-ish.
Roberto Luongo's back stroke save during OT Game One and then while on his stomach, struggling to get his stick that had become lodged in his pads.

And on this note, I had a discussion with former goaltender, current best hockey pal, Michelle about this play. She wondered if the play had not moved up the ice, would the ref had blown the play dead because of where the stick was caught in Luongo's pad. She felt it was similar to when the ref calls a play dead if the goal tender loses his helmet. it was obvious Luongo's stick was really stuck and if the play continued in his crease, the Kings would have scored. I argued that if a goal tender loses his stick, well that's his problem. Here's a poor shot of Luongo "swimming"...

Now the series heads to Los Angeles for games three and four.This is a curious series for me because I don’t exactly hate the Los Angeles Kings. I had the opportunity to work with this club for a Hockey and High Heels event, so they have a tiny piece of my heart for like, ever.

During that event I met some of the Kings very best fans – the women. Knowlegable, yes. Resilient, yes. They embrace the game as good as anyone else in this league. And because of this I am looking forward to watching Game Three: the first of two home games in Los Angeles, something we haven’t seen since 2002. I want to see Staples Center a rockin’, and my regal hockey friends caught up in the wonders of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

At least until my Canucks silence the room with a decisive win or two ;o)

And yes, Nadine...I'll take that bet!

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