Monday, April 19, 2010

Kings/ Canucks Game Three Live Bloggin'

by Lisa Ovens

Well, I am set up on the couch watching the game. This is an attempt at live blogging....

9:48pm Disappointed? Yeah, but if my mom were alive, she'd say "Well, don't forget it's a best of seven series, dear."
9:45pm Game Over. Another HF Boards comment...

Only positive to take out of this game : At least we're not San Jose

9:42pm I've been at 2 playoff games where a tie it up goal was scored with less that 2 seconds on the clock. The Canucks have to get the first one now...
9:36pm I just visited the NHL's "Situation Room Blog" I wrote about yesterday, and they haven't updated it since April 18th, the Sens/ Pens game. Kinda lame, isn't it?
9:21pm Ah Man...5-3 now?
9: 13pm Atta boy, Daniel!!! Keep going now's time for your "come back close up"
9:11pm No goal. Jim Hughson says "That was an interesting call."
9:10pm What the heck is taking so long?
9:06pm Saw this comment on HF boards and had to share it while we wait for the goal decision
I am a good husband, a good friend, and I work really hard. I am not asking for the sun and moon and stars.
I am tired of all these shots going in, pucks curling, shots dropping inexplicably out of gloves and right to an open man.
The Canucks have done nothing to deserve being beaten by teams where no one gives a rats ass about hockey.
I want to know why?
Go Canucks Go.

9:05pm Woot Burrows scores!!! But wait time for the "Situation Room" on
9:04pm Okay, I realize my live blogging is backwards. So for the third period I have started at the top, instead of going to the bottom.


7:10pm Okay, did I just see the Kings walk through some castle doors before walking on the ice? How Disney!! I was in the Kings locker room a couple of years ago, and I don't remember the castle theme.

7:15 pmYay...Kesler scores the first goal and the crowd cheers...sounds like lots of Canuck fans made the trip to Hockeywood at Staples Center!

7:26pm Live blogging is a challenge. Oh, just heard (from HNIC's Craig Simpson) this game has had 18 hits so far. This is definitely the season of the Hit! Oops make that 19 hits - Ryan Smyth just got rocked by Alexander Edler - hope that warrior Smyth is going to be okay...

7:33pm. Okay, the Canucks will be on a penalty kill in a minute or two. For now check out this pic of Dustin Brown in a Kings calendar I have...

7:35pm  Kings scored and it was Howdy Drew Doughty :o(
 Okay Canucks, Let's go and answer that goal with at least one more...BTW, great atmosphere in Staples Center!

7:41pm Canucks PP comin' up - Don't disappoint, boys. Somehow I have to blend making dinner into all of this. Here we go...Go Sedins, GO!!!

7:48pm Intermission...whew...that was action packed SCORE: 1-1, SOG Van 11 LAK 7 see you soon :o)

8:14pm...ooh my, the Kings are fired up! Canucks gotta score one, or at the very least get and keep the puck out of their zone for crying out loud!! I made dinner so I am going to eat now...hopefully my dinner is accompanied by a Kesler, Samuelsson or Wellwood goal, she says with a stern look on her face....

8:19pm Here's my Canucks Fanbangle for good luck....

8:40pm Okay, Kings score twice, Luongo gets the hook, not exactly the "hockey food" I was hoping for to go with my dinner. At least Samuelsson scored. Yay...

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