Friday, April 23, 2010

Flyers First to Move on, The Hockey News and CDC, NHL War Room and Doughty...

by Lisa Ovens

Get the keys, Pronger, you and the rest of the Fly Bunch are cruising into Round Two. And I actually picked them to win this series! The Philadelphia Flyers put an end to the New Jersey Devils' season Thursday night with a 3-0 shut out.

Bye Bye Devils :o)

The Power of affecting The Hockey News?

The fan message boards on has the biggest membership (59,500 members and over 4,000,000 posts) out of all the NHL teams with the online feature on their websites. Over the last few years, more and more sports media refer to the "CDC" boards during their coverage of hockey. It makes some Canuck fans feel special that the hockey media "hangs of their every reaction and opinion".

Well I just saw this blog post from The Hockey News: Playoff Blog: 10 reasons to plot a Canucks conspiracy.  It's full of juicy bits, taking shots at Vancouver Canuck fans and the city of Vancouver in general. Is The Hockey News just trying to pad their online stats with the hopes of landing another coveted topic thread on CDC? Or does The Hockey News really think of us as "latte-sipping, beachcombing, socialist Vancouverites" and that our home team should be eliminated in round one?

As of this moment, a new topic featuring THN's Canucks Conspiracy List on CDC has not been created. Will a member of the Canucks community take the bait??

NHL's War Room: Do They Have a Scheduling Problem?

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman's pre-game press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday night offered a little more insight into Life in the War Room. After being grilled by several members of Vancouver's media about Game Three's dis-allowed goal and Mike Murphy's explanation of said goal, Bettman had this to say...

"I think Mr. Murphy was trying to explain at 1 o'clock in the morning as best he could exactly what was going on and if he wasn't as articulate as those looking to parse his words, so be it. But as I said, I have complete confidence in Mike Murphy, Colie (Colin) Campbell and the entire hockey operations department."

I bolded the time above, because that's how Bettman seemed to emphasize it. Is Bettman's saying it was way passed Murphy's and the other war room cronies' bed time? If they are having trouble speaking then perhaps they are having trouble making decisions, too? How do they combat the Pacific Time Zone? Conspire to have the Sharks and the Canucks eliminated in the first round? Or do they do the logical thing: schedule a LATE shift!!

Here's a video of Mike Murphy giving a tour of the War Room on Fox Sports

BTW, the official name of the War Room is The Roger Neilson Video Room. A nice tribute to the hockey man they called Captain Video. Neilson pioneered the use of video taped games as a learning tool for his players. He also waved a white towel on a hockey stick indicating surrender to horrible officiating during a Canucks playoff game in 1982. I like the irony there.

Drew Doughty Nominated for The Norris

Yes, my Canucks are officially lining up against a Norris Trophy candidate. Howdy Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings has been nominated, along with Mike Green of the Washington Capitals, and Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks. If Doughty wins, he will be the second youngest recipient (Bobby Orr is the youngest).

GM Place (during the Olympics: Gold was won how about some silver cup?)

Game Five Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks goes tonight at 7pm PACIFIC...stay awake War Room Cronies....

Go Canucks GO!!

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