Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are HERE!!!

by Lisa Ovens

I can't be the only chick out there who sets up a second TV on the entertainment shelf mid April every year, am I? Woot! The 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs have arrived!!

I enjoyed CBC Sports playoff intro featuring the sound bytes of champions expressing feelings about their playoff experiences. And as always, I pay attention to Hockey Night in Canada host Ron Maclean's first words on the playoffs. he likes to be eloquent, that Ron, and he always skates dangerously close to becoming a parody of himself with his poignant words...

"It's not the mountains we trip over, it's the pebbles."

"Tell someone about the things they treasure most, and you are on the road to their heart."

And on that note...let's talk Brady Bunch!! (like MacLean could pull off a seque like this)

The Seeding of Playoff teams, According to The Brady Bunch Kids

Eastern Conference

Marcia and Greg Teams
Washington Capitals
 New Jersey Devils
 Buffalo Sabres

Cindy and Bobby teams
Boston Bruins
Philadelphia Flyers
Montreal Canadiens

Peter and Jan teams
Ottawa Senators
Pittsburgh Penguins

Western Conference

Marcia and Greg Teams
San Jose Sharks
Chicago Blackhawks
Vancouver Canucks

Cindy and Bobby Teams
Los Angeles Kings
Nashville Predators
Colorado Avalanche

Peter and Jan Teams
Phoenix Coyotes
Detroit Red Wings

Wow...imagine that, the mighty Detroit Red Wings and defending Stanley Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins are Peter and Jan Teams. It just doesn't make sense!

Wondering what the seeding of playoff teams and the Brady Bunch have in common? The only way to know the answer is to read Hockey & High Heels!

Lisa's First Round Picks : Eastern Conference

Senators vs. Penguins

I do like the fact that Senators goaltender, Brian Elliot counts his childhood memories pretending he's playing in a game seven of the Stanley Cup Final during neighbourhood road hockey games as "playoff experience". It's rather endearing, but may not be enough to keep the Penguins from taking over this series.  

So, I'll take the Penguins, but only because deep down inside, the boys aren't ready to leave Mellon Arena just yet. (These playoffs games will be the last time they go to work at the Igloo, before moving across the street to the new arena for the 2010/11 season)

Flyers vs. Devils

I like the Flyers, because I lika the Orange Crush. That's a silly reason. I really don't know what else to say, as these two teams are my least favourite in the east. The Flyers are the lesser of two evils...get it? Devils, evil. Oh, whatever.

Capitals vs. Canadiens

Capitals...because if they don't, they'll be another step closer to becoming the "Sharks of the East".

Bruins vs. Sabres

For Ryan Miller's sake, I pick the Sabres. he was so awesome for team USA during the 2010 Winter Olympics, I'd like to see the city of Buffalo revel in some glory.

Western Conference

Avalanche vs. Sharks

What do the Avs have to lose here? Nothing. Wouldn't it be funny if that is the main reason they beat the Sharks? Seriously, I am cheering for the Avs to stop the all of the pundit wondering that goes on about the Sharks committment to winning in the post season once and for all.

Predators vs. Blackhawks

The Predators...they want to experience the "Peter and Jan Brady" round of the SC Playoffs, the Semi Finals, for the first time, really bad. (Could I use more commas??) Seriously though I admit I am still bitter from last year's playoffs and want those plucky Preds to boot the Hawks into next season, pronto!

Kings vs. Canucks

I am so happy for the Los Angeles Kings fans (especially for the ones that I know personally) that they will enjoy some playoff action after all of these years!! Yes, exactly one round of playoff action before my Canucks move onto the second round. Sorry girls, but if my Nucks don't get their butts into the Conference Finals, I just might have to become a Kings season ticket holder. That means someone has to get me a job down there and help me find a place to live. Girls, do you really want that on your list of things to do???

Red Wings vs. Coyotes

Whoever wins, I just want this to be a full seven game experience for the resilient hockey fans in Phoenix. They deserve that more than most people know. And by most people I mean those ones who are convinced there are only fourteen hockey fans in that city. BTW, Nice whiteout, Coyotes faithful!
It's hard for me not to pick the Red Wings to win this series. They just know how to deal, those Wings. They deal with everything so well; whatever the storm, they deal with it. They are by definition, Retrosexual Men.

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