Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Holy Third Period Again, Batman! Game Four Canucks/ Kings

The Big Book of Comeback by the Vancouver Canucks
  Vancouver Canucks LA Kings series tied 2-2

by Lisa Ovens

The sound of silence engulfed the city of Vancouver  around 7:30pm Wednesday night: it was the Canucks first penalty kill in game four taking place over one thousand miles away in Los Angeles, California. Could they make it two minutes without a King scoring? Nope. But that would change.

Even if the Canucks didn't win Game Four, I was impressed with their tenacity in overcoming some of the foibles from games two and three, and there was no bigger issue than the penalty kill. Let's face it, since game three, the cheers erupting in Staples Center for every power play awarded, it was if the Kings had already scored. Could you blame the fans? No, because they had six consecutive power play goals to be happy about - it was getting to be automatic!

You know what else was getting to be automatic during this series: hearing the name "Doughty" every minute out of the over worked mouths of broadcasters Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson. But by the third period, that would change too. Less Doughty...more Sedin! When the Canucks play well, it's nice on the ears.

A third period Canucks comeback at Staples Center makes it number twelve  in the "CB" column since the start of the season for the boys. And it couldn't have happened in a bigger game.  The final score...6-4. Aside from all of the drama, action, great Staples Center atmosphere (again...nice work Kingers :o) the following are two of the more quirkier moments (I am drawn to quirky) that will surely bring a smile to my face over the next few days...

Third period fun with Kyle Wellwood, busy in the corner, protecting the puck up and down the boards, burning 47 seconds off of the clock, like he was channeling Sidney Crosby or something. Go Wellwood!

Third period Empty net action courtesy of the eventual game winning goal scorer Henrik Sedin: he shoots and misses the empty net, but stays with the puck as more and more black sweaters surround him behind the goal line. All of the Kings men and all of the Kings sticks couldn't poke out the puck from under good Henrik!

With the post game rough stuff , Game five in Vancouver on Friday night promises to be another spirited affair.
But with less Doughty...more Sedin!
And more Samuelsson,
and more Demitra,
and some classic Great Save Luongos!

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