Sunday, April 25, 2010

Canucks Win Series, Kings Retreat into Castle

Canucks win Series 4-2

By Lisa Ovens

During games five and six, the Vancouver Canucks showed their fans just what their fans wanted to see: a team gelled; a team poised for what we hope is a long run in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Meanwhile the Los Angeles Kings have retreated into their castle until next season. And I am sure they will remember this first round experience for next season’s playoffs, because you can bet this talented, young team will be there, with their crowns on.

The Kings fans, what spirit and energy displayed! So many of them waiting eight years to catch the playoff fever again, and so many of them new to the game, and we can all hope the new ones come back in September. This is the greatest game on earth, and the more the merrier :o)

Captain Roberto Luongo appears to be over the 2010 Olympic Hockey hangover, and is becoming the goal tender Vancouver’s going to need for the next opponent. I hope Mikael Samuelsson has more goals in his bag of tricks. I'd hate to think he's used them all up in round one! We need to see Alex Burrows return to the score sheet beyond the empty net goal column. The Sedins, we'll hope they will continue to elude and baffle to opposition. As far as defense goes, well, please just do what you can back there and try to stay healthy!

Bring on the Semi Finals!
Go Canucks GO!!

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