Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vancouver Canuck Fans: Start Your Towels!!!!

by Lisa Ovens

Here we freakin' go, People....The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here!! Managed to bump into the super cool Canucks Street Team earlier today and was gifted the above towel...sweet!

It is a special time for Canuck fans as we enjoy a first in Canuck history; our home team is a the favorite to win it all. And we are enjoying this...right up until about 7pm today, and then it'll all change. Because then we will be like 15 other teams embarking on a fresh start, a new season. After listening to a few hockey interviews today on the radio, the phrase of the day is indeed, fresh start.

Up Next, my Quarter Final Predictions for Wednesday's match ups....

Penquins vs. Lightning

I pick the Pens to win this series in 6 games and Marc Andre Fluery will be the hero!!!

Coyotes vs. Red Wings

My head says Coyotes in seven games and this confuses my heart somewhat.

Rangers vs. Capitals

I pick the Caps to win this in 6 games. We don't need no stinkin' Rangers in the Playoffs! (remember, Canuck fan here)

Predators vs. Ducks

I pick the Preds to win in seven games. This will be their time to reach the promised land (that would be the Semi Finals)

Blackhawks vs. Canucks

Canucks in six. One reason of many....There is no May 11th in the Month of April!!!

Good luck, everybody :o)

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