Sunday, April 24, 2011

Canucks/Hawks Post Game Six: Tough Day at the Office

Why did the late Roger Neilson do this? Refs and Blackhawks were involved!

Series Tied 3-3

By Lisa Ovens

The Canucks did everything but win Game Six Sunday night in Chicago. So once again we lost a Game Six to the Chicago Blackhawks.Not that I know anything about this, but I wonder if kicking a herion habit is easier than the Canucks kicking the Blackhawk monkey off their backs?

Alas, we have a new page in the ongoing saga that is the Canucks/Blackhawks Playoff relationship: a Game Seven. For the third meeting in as many years, it will be different, as these teams have always said “see ya next year” after game six, with the Canucks staying behind as the Hawks move forward. But, not this time. It is a whole new plotline (as if we haven’t had our fill of those yet).

Last playoffs, not once did the Blackhawks have to play a game seven.  So Tuesday will be yet another page turner in the big book of A Tale of Two Cities: The Vancouver and Chicago version.

And how about those Hockey Gods, huh? They sure were bringing it. However, the Canucks have some positives to take from Game Six, and I hope for their sake they are not feeling too demoralized after the overtime loss Sunday evening.

That's all I got for now, as I have to get up really early. But I will continue the column Monday evening.

But before I go, I must congratulate the Nashville Predators and their fabulous fans on their very first playoff series win. Bravo!!!!

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