Friday, April 29, 2011

Don Cherry Suit Watch: Keepin' Up with the Jackets!

by Lisa Ovens

The last few days have been busy, and with a few more Don Cherry/ Coach's Corner appearances than normal, I'm behind on the posting So...up first, April 26th...'s a blast from the past! Don resurrects a look from back in the day when he coached the Boston Bruins. Nice touch, Grapes!

Then it was his choice for the Vancouver Canucks/Chicago Blackhawks Game Seven broadcast...

Wow...just wow. I was in a loud bar that night; almost as loud as this pattern! I had no idea what Don was talking about because I couldn't hear him, but that jacket was speaking volumes!

Hmmm....this one certainly draws the eye to the middle. Not sure why it looks off, which is uncharacteristic for Don. Hockey Night in Canada's is down to covering one Canadian team, the Vancouver Canucks. Here is the Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predator's Round Two Schedule...

Game One     6pm Thurs. April 28  - Vancouver
Game Two    6 pm Sat. April 30th- Vancouver
Game Three  6 pm Tues. May 3rd- Nashville
Game Four   5:30pm Thurs. May 5th- Nashville
Game Five     5 pm Sat. May 7th- Vancouver
Game Six      Mon. May 9th- Nashville (start time TBA)
Game Seven   Wed. May 7th- Vancouver (start time TBA)

For everything Hockey Night in Canada/ Stanley Cup Playoff coverage, including video segments of Coach's Corner, please click this link! Lots of fun stuff :o)

Happy Playoffs!!

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