Sunday, April 24, 2011

Canucks/Hawks Game Six: Game Day Fun!

Well, maybe not everyone does at this point...I know I do :o)

By Lisa Ovens

Is it hard to have fun today if you are a Canuck fan? Probably. I’m sure many are feeling like nervous parents watching their kids work through some terrible ordeal or something.

I’m just working my way through a 2 pound chocolate bunny, waiting for the game to begin. I’m listening to Canuck bench boss, Alain Vigneault being interviewed on the radio – he sounds like he has a cold.

It’s been several days of Game Six Pre- Game stuff on the old checklist. Like we haven't been here before. Third time's a charm, eh?...

Canucks had a players meeting. Check.

Canucks employ a loosening up tactic during a practice (playing with tennis balls). Check.

Haters hating on the Canucks and their fanbase? Check.

Chicago sports writer pens a column that’s embarrassing to Blackhawk fans and the city of Chicago? Check.

Brent Seabrook back on the roster. Check.

Luongo starting in net for the Canucks. Check.

UPDATE: Cory Schneider gets the Start....GO CORY GO!!!!!

People still arguing over Vigneault’s decision to start Luongo. Check. (this will still be an argument, even though it is Cory in net now)

Everyone knows the Sedin twins, Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows need to stand out in positive ways from this point on. Check.

Possible that the Blackhawks will have a subpar game, because after all they only finished in 8th spot, therefore they must have blown a few important games in recent memory. Check. Grasping at Straws? Check.

Everybody pretending like it’s a Game Seven. Check.

People forgetting the Canucks still lead this series. Check.

Good Luck, Canucks… You just need to have more goals than them. Win the game.

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