Monday, April 4, 2011

Gettin' Ready for the Playoffs @ Lisa's Lounge

Hey Hockey Fans! Hope everyone is doing great as the regular season winds down in the most exciting of ways. And for those of you on pins and needles waiting to see if your fave teams can lock up a spot in the post season,  I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the ride.

Right now I am getting ready to cover the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs right here at Lisa's Lounge, just as we have during playoffs past.

You can expect plenty of fun and insight as I follow my home team and beloved Vancouver Canucks, as well as the rest of the action around the league, and any other crazy happenings that may present themselves. Plus H&'s resident Penguins writer, Jan Snyder, should be stopping by to offer her take on the situation in the east and everything that is coated in the Black and Gold.

So until next week, like many Canuck fans, I will be knee deep in the pre-lim: building shrines, debating on whether I should cut my hair, fluffing up my blue playoff feather boa, packing up the Dickie's Canuck playoff briefcase with all of my Playoff game essentials, partaking in bedtime prayers and reciting a lesser known Commandment "Thou Shalt not make a second round exit" know that sort of stuff.

So please check back again for more as we approach The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...The Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

Cheers :o)

-Lisa O

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