Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dream is Over

by Jan Snyder

What a sudden and sickening end to the Pens season. After playing a pretty good game Wednesday night, where the fans were awesome, they just couldn’t score even one goal to tie the game. Not that they didn’t try, they did. Not just Wednesday, but ever since Sid and Geno went out. I felt badly for the guys. Nice salute to the fans at the end.

Could it be the curse of the Mellon Arena? It’s just sitting there, watching everyone step into the new building and ignoring the old one.

Whatever it is, the whole season, that started out so promising on so many fronts, came to an end with nothing but a thud last night.

The good news is that Sid now has several months to fully recover and Dan Bylsma won’t have to answer any more questions about whether Sid’s coming back. We saw Geno skating so we can hope he has no setbacks and will return in time for training camp.

Will Kovy be back next year? Who will be gone before next training camp? Who will still wear the black and gold?

That’s about all we have to worry about now – at least until fall.

The playoffs will go on, I’ll watch, but my heart won’t be in it. I’ll hope that Vancouver wins it all (sorry, Marie!) and that again next season, Lisa and I can hope to see our teams meet in the Stanley Cup Final.

It’s been almost 24 hours since the Pens were eliminated and I still don’t feel any better. It takes some time, I guess.

Thanks for reading my columns, Pens fans! See you again for 2011-2012!

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