Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Lightning Strike Creates Frankenstam-kos!

Pens Lead the Series – 3-2

by Jan Snyder

When I woke up this morning, I knew I’d be in for a great day of hockey, and I felt fully confident that the Pens would wrap up this series at home today. Little did I know a strike of lightning would create Frankenstamkos! All of a sudden, Steve Stamkos woke up and had two goals, an assist and an all around great game. The whole Lightning team had a great game.

enter to win and meet Frankenstam-kos!!!

The Pens started out well enough, with a wildly enthusiastic crowd on their hands for such a ridiculously early starting time. That should have been our first clue that this game wouldn’t go well. The Pens don’t ever seem to do well in these early weekend games. But right from the start, things went wrong. Orpik bonged the puck off the goal post, and then a few shots that should have gone it didn’t, just like the game before. The first Pens’ power play looked good, although they couldn’t get it past Roloson. And before long, Tampa started shooting, scoring and never looking back.

Give the Pens and the fans credit for never giving up. They finally scored two late goals, but the game ended with a crazy baseball score of 8-2.

Let’s shake it off. Get out of the rain in Pittsburgh and get back to the power of the sunshine. We can take it in Tampa! We’ll still up a game and if we need to, we can do it in seven!

Odds and Ends

• I loved Bobby Ryan’s goal from the game the other night. Pierre LeBrun pointed out on Twitter that the goal was “Mario-esque.” I couldn’t agree more – very reminiscent of 66 from the Stanley Cup Final game against the North Stars.

• This first round has produced so many outstanding games already, it can only get better. Nashville coming back and winning in overtime was just one of them. I bet Marie, our columnist from Nashville, is still peeling herself off the ceiling.

• Have you noticed all the unusual facial hair this playoff season? The boys are getting creative and different with muttonchops, skinny moustaches, full-blown beards and everything in between.

• If they gave out a Stanley Cup for fans, many teams would be in the competition, but I think the fans of Montreal would win hands down. They truly react as one person – it’s just amazing. Maybe because I was there a few years ago and experienced it first hand, but I am constantly reminded of what terrific fans they are and how they get behind their team.

• Days like these filled with games like these – don’t they make you want to bottle it up and save it for the middle of July? The passion of the players, the fans, the announcers, us in our living rooms – it just doesn’t get any better than the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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