Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canucks Win Game Seven!!! Lisa says Bye Bye Blackhawks :o)

Canucks win Game Seven 2-1 in Overtime

by Lisa Ovens

A story book ending came in overtime, punctuating a first round series that seemed to take forever to play out. Alex Burrows was the first star of the game; riding a roller coaster of his very own - scores first goal, later on he's hauled down and gets awarded a penalty shot, but his shot was turned away by the Hawks' Corey Crawford.  Then he takes a penalty in overtime (never a good thing), and a short time later, he seizes an opportunity and pots the OT game winner.

I can't begin to express the relief I felt once that red light went on. After three consecutive kicks at the can, this version of the Canucks knocked the talented Chicago Blackhawks out of the Playoffs. The Canucks managed to right a ship that was dangerously close to sinking.

We'll live for another day in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!

I enjoyed the crowds downtown Vancouver tonight; the sound of honking horns is just music to my ears!

Next up for me...waiting to see if Jan Snyder's Pens get through to ROUND TWO;  their Game Seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning happens Wednesday night. And next up for the Canucks...a round two date with the wily Nashville Predators. If you follow this blog, guest writer, Nashville Predator season ticket holder, and good, good friend of mine, Marie Miesel and I will be pitted against each other...a first for me since I've been running the blog at Bottom's going to suck!


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