Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round One Epilogue

And the Brind’amour Chips move on!!!!

There‘s nothing like a little game seven drama. The New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes series definitely won the Most Thrilling Finish Award in Round One. Once the Canes tied it up, I felt relief...just get to overtime now. The thought didn’t cross my mind another goal would be scored, and lo it was.

The Rangers/ Capitals game was a close second. That wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Sergei Fedorov skate down the wing, stop, shoot and score in the dying minutes of something. Go Sergei! Sean Avery, Tortorella, water bottles, a Reno T-Shirt and a six game suspension for Donald Brashear Oh my! The Most Dysfunction Family Series Award goes to The Rangers/ Capitals Series. (The Flames and Sharks were the recipents last year – that one was a doozy too.)

The Reversal of Fortune Award was presented to the Bruins/ Canadiens series, a series that mimicked last season, with the roles reversed. The Habs took out the Bruins last time, the Bruins took out the Habs this time around.

The Can’t Remember What Happened Because It Seems So Long Ago Award goes to the Vancouver Canucks, the first team to advance to round two after sweeping the St. Louis Blues. Runners up were the Boston Bruins sweep of the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings Columbus Blue Jackets sweep.

The Battle of the Seas Award goes to the Pittsburgh Penguins White Out and The Flyers Orange Crush. Good looking fans on both sides for a hard fought series topped off with game six come from behind Penguins Win. The Penguins waddle fiercely into round two.

The Upset that Didn’t Feel Like and Upset Award: The battle of California. Eighth place Anaheim Ducks dispatch of the first place San Jose Sharks in six games. My heart goes out to Shark fans everywhere. This just shouldn’t have happened, period.

The New Kids on the Block, Keep Your Chin Up Award goes to the Columbus Blue Jackets. As I’ve said before, there couldn’t have been a tougher opponent for playoff first timer’s the Columbus Blue Jackets to face than the finely tuned, mother of all hockey franchises, the Detroit Red Wings. At least the Blue Jacket fans got to see their boys score five playoff goals and kind of come close to winning in game four.

The Uh-oh...Another First Round Exit Award goes to the Calgary Flames. This is a shame because the Flames appeared to miss injured players too much, and I can empathize with that. Once again, their Fans out did everyone with their awesome Sea of Red. See you next year, Flamers ;o)
The I Like Saying Nikolai Khabibulin Award goes to the Chicago Blackhawks. I know, it’s a silly award but I can’t help it, it’s a great name to say. I enjoyed hearing his name during the game broadcasts. Was delighted in hearing it again during the sports news shows. I will have fun heckling him in Round Two, as his Chicago Blackhawks take on my Vancouver Canucks. Go Nucks!

See you in Two....

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