Monday, April 20, 2009

How Things can Change

How Things Can Change
originally published Apr.16, 2009

By Lisa Ovens

Series: Vancouver Canucks 1 St. Louis Blues 0

My day started with digging up my 2008/09 Hockey News Yearbook from the pre-season. I had to double check the Vancouver Canucks ranking from way back when. The hockey minds in Toronto placed the Canucks at 11th in the West. And the St. Louis Blues were ranked at finishing 15th in the west.

Now here we are, Game One of the Canucks/ St. Louis Blues series is officially under our belts, and before I gush about my home team Canucks and the city, I have to congratulate both teams for proving at least a few people wrong, and winding up in third and sixth place respectively.

My day began, listening to the talking heads on the radio, updating fans on how the team looked on the ice during the morning skate. We also heard the St. Louis Blues took off to the rink at University of British Columbia instead of skating at GM Place. Once I was on the road, I was impressed by how many car flags were dancing in the wind on every street. The weather was exceptional today: Sunny, warm with the smell of blossoms in the air. There’s nothing like the playoffs in the city. Thank you Canucks: for turning it around after the “January to forget”, and making it an April to remember.

I know, we are only at Game One of a possible Seven, but it’s oh so sweet to be involved in the Stanley Cup Playoffs party again! I distinctly remember crying last season when the Canucks officially knocked themselves out of contention. (And out of respect to the fourteen teams that are not caught up in post season bliss, I actually made sure I watched the draft lottery on Tuesday as it was an important event for you guys!)

How things can change. The last round one game one the Canucks played, before last night’s, was in April 2007 against the Dallas Stars. I went to the game with my mom, Stella. That game turned into the sixth longest game in NHL history, finally ending with a Henrik Sedin goal in quadruple overtime. We had an amazing time together at that game, and mom waved her towel practically the whole time.

Last night, I watched the game with my mom, but this time we watched it together in the hospital. She hasn’t been feeling well for some time, but hockey still gives her plenty of joy, and I was so happy to be by her side for the first game of the Canucks playoff run this year. The Canucks winning 2-1 gets us off to a good start. But we know the Blues are going to bring it on during Friday night’s game.

I wish everyone glued to hockey right now, the best of times. Be sure to include your loved ones in your passion, and make it a post season to remember!

Happy Playoffs!!

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