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Two Nothing

Two Nothing
(originally published April. 18th, 2009)

By Lisa Ovens

Well it’s Day Five of Round One and we are swimming in a sea of Two Nothing. It’s like a thick soup of twos and zeros. If your series has ones in it, sorry but you do not count in this particular column...

Vancouver Canucks vs. St. Louis Blues

Series: Canucks 2 Blues 0

Vancouver now leads the series, 2-0. It might have been tied, if the Blues, Andy McDonald’s potted the four shots that rang off the posts during the extra chippy Game Two. This can mean only one thing: Eventually they are going to start going in for MacDonald. Be aware Canucks...

New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals

Series: Rangers 2 Capitals 0

I don’t know, but if I were the Washington Capitals coach, I would have kept Jose Theodore in net for game two. If memory serves me correctly, When the Avalanche stuck it out with Theodore between the pipes last playoffs, he held his own in round one. I’m just sayin...

Boston Bruins vs. Montreal Canadiens

Series: Bruins 2 Canadiens 0

Well, who here got a kick out of the male Bruins fan trying to steal Kovalev’s stick through the camera lens hole in the glass in Game one? What really surprises me is they let the idiot back for game two. I’m sorry, but a woman would never do that...teehee :o)

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Calgary Flames

Series: Blackhawks 2 Flames 0

Ooh my, the Flames need to resolve the fact they are missing Robyn Regehr and Rhett Warrener. Perhaps the return home to Calgary, and reuniting with the Sea of Red, and the Red Mile will help the Flames take a game or two.
BTW, I couldn’t help but notice all of the Blackhawks bandwagonners in Chi Town...could you? I kid, I kid.

Detroit Red Wings vs. the Columbus Blue Jackets

Series: Wings 2 Blue Jackets 0

Heck, any team would have trouble trying to solve the mighty Red Wings in Round One. Let me put it this way: The problems the Red Wings have would be considered blessings anywhere else. The Blue Jackets are stuck with them, but for now, let’s be happy for Columbus hockey fans: the Stanley Cup Playoff Show is rolling into town and everyone is invited!

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Series: Penguins 2 Flyers 0

The Penguins are hot and fun to watch. I still have a problem with teams wearing lots of orange, as the Flyers do. Therefore, the Penguins must win this series. If they don’t they won’t be able to meet the Vancouver Canucks in the Finals. Oh what? You haven’t heard of this possible match up for Round Four?

Think about it: back in November, the Canucks are in the Igloo, and Roberto Luongo hurts his groin. Then it’s like a roller coaster ride begins for both the Pens and the Canucks. It gets bad enough in Pittsburgh, that the coach is fired. It gets bad enough in Vancouver the majority of the city wants the coach fired. But he stays. Both teams are like, in tenth and eleventh place in their conferences. And then, both teams claw their way back up the standings, often in the same spot, with the same number of wins. At regular season’s end the Canucks finish in 3rd place, 45 wins and 100 points, and the Penguins finish in 4th place, with 45 wins and 99 points.

But wait...there's more

Hockeyandhighheels.com columnist Jan Snyder covers all things Pittsburgh Penguins, and Hockeyandhighheels.com publisher/ columnist, Lisa Ovens covers all things Vancouver Canucks.

Jan Snyder has visited Vancouver and attended a Canucks game with Lisa Ovens.

Lisa Ovens visited Pittsburgh and attended a Penguins game with Jan Snyder.

Lisa Ovens likes to take pictures of bobbleheads. Jan Snyder’s daughter, Jen also likes to take pictures of bobbleheads. Jan Snyder and Lisa Ovens are friends, and were chatting on the telephone as they watched the game when Luongo was injured....uncanny isn’t it? I’ll leave out the part that has Jan living in Houston, Texas. But she is a born and raised Pittsburgher...

Stayed tuned for Game Three and Game Four Canucks report...

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