Monday, April 20, 2009

"I'm So Excited!"- The Pointer Sisters

I’m So Excited!
– Pointer Sisters

by Jan Snyder
originally posted Apr.15, 2009

Well, here we are again. The playoffs are about to begin during this most wonderful time of the year for hockey fans. Just a few short weeks ago we Penguin fans had to be wondering if we would be in on the joy of the season. But a coaching change and some additions to the team made any doubts disappear.

Thanks in part to the New York Rangers, who unceremoniously defeated the Philadelphia Flyers this weekend, the Pens will begin the trek to the Cup on the beloved home ice of the Mellon Arena with their adoring white-out crowds cheering them on against the dreaded cross-state rivals. Thank you, Flyers, for coming to Pittsburgh to start the series (and for not showing up in Sunday’s game).

Last playoff season, I suggested celebrating each Penguin victory with a donut. Not a very well-thought out plan considering I’m still trying to work off 13 donuts! This year, let’s go healthier and aerobic.

In honor of our new coach, “Disco” Dan Bylsma, we’ll celebrate every game, win or lose, with a song that describes some aspect of the game. Coach seems to have acquired his nickname because, in his own words, “I was known to polish a dance floor or two.” We can all join in with him, sing and do a victory dance or wallow in our sorrows after a loss.

The title of this column expresses how we are feeling prior to the drop of the puck on Wednesday night at the Igloo – so excited! The Flyers will be a tough opponent but the Pens are coming in on a high note, brimming with confidence and ready to start the climb to the top of the heap.

Geno secured his scoring title, Sid was just a few points behind. Fleury is sharp, relaxed and ready. Talbot, Dupuis and Cooke are going to produce points while the defensive core will not only shut down the opposition, but do some scoring in the process. All the while, Coach Dan and his staff will be there offering staunch support. The two teams have very similar stats on the season, but home ice gives the Pens a big boost.

Come on, Richards! Bring that hair, Hartnell! Do your best, Biron! Beware, Briere! Daniel Carcillo, meet Eric Goddard!

Okay, fans, the players are ready, so let’s get excited for that opening game!

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