Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome To Lisa's Lounge, and its temporary home

Hello Hockey fans! Just a quick entry to let you know Lisa's Lounge is a little different than it used to be. The old lounge is being renovated, and this I blogger spot will serve us until the construction is complete. All recent 2009 playoff columns from Lisa ovens and Jan Snyder have been moved over, and are located below. The rest of hockeyandhighheels.com, including the online shop is still live...visit it here hockeyandhighheels.com

2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs


Lisa Ovens, Columnist/ Hockey book author: Lisa Ovens is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is covering the Vancouver Canucks, as well as anything else Stanley Cup Playoffs related.

Jan Snyder, Columnist, Freelance writer: Originally from Pittsburgh, writer Jan Snyder has serious depth and perspective on the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Club. But she's also a die hard Pens fan who has plenty of fun with hockey and writing. This year's playoff theme for Jan is theme songs for each Penguins Playoff game...you'll never know which one works until after the game!
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