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Happy Easter Happy Playoffs!!!

Happy Easter, Everyone!
orginally posted April 12, 2009

By Lisa Ovens

What could be better than eating chocolate and finding out the official 2009 Stanley Cup Playoff match ups?

One thing comes to mind: watching your team win the Stanley Cup!

Welcome Wagon

This post season welcomes the Columbus Blue Jackets to the playoffs for the very first time, and the return of the Carolina Hurricanes, St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Short on Canadian Teams

In Canada, we only have three teams competing (Canucks, Flames, Canadiens), and thankfully none of them are playing each other in the first round. (It’s hard for some Canadians to watch one have to knock another out when there are few battling in the first place.)

Long on the Central Division Teams

Wow...four Centrals: the Detroit Red Wings, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the St. Louis Blues. Normally it was always the Northwest Division filling up the joint.

Interstate Battles

We have a Battle of California (Sharks and Ducks), and the Battle of Pennsylvania (Penguins and Flyers).

The Lesser of two Masons?

The Vancouver Canucks knew they’d be facing a Mason in goal in round one. It was only a matter of time before they found out which one. Chris Mason and the St. Louis Blues fired up the standings to meet their Northwest Division rival, Vancouver Canucks.

The Upset?

The Detroit Red Wings will be playing first timers, the Columbus Blue Jackets. If there is an upset, this will be it!

The Kids and the Flames

The Calgary Flames will have their hands full with the boys from Chicago, and their fans.

Original Six!

If it’s anything like last year, The Bruins/ Canadiens series is one to watch.

Offense vs. Defence

The Washington Capitals score and the New York Rangers don’t...yet they should.

Could be a Dud??

It’s been suggested the New Jersey Devils vs. the Carolina Hurricanes will be the dud series in round one. Which means it could turn into a barn prediction – game three in this series will open right up and surprise everyone. Woohooo!!!

Stayed tuned for more 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs coverage from!

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