Thursday, April 23, 2009

Canucks Sweep Blues....

Canucks Sweep the Blues...

by Lisa Ovens

...and it doesn't feel normal. I am still in shock. Super happy, but I'm in shock. This isn't normal for the Vancouver Canucks. It's the first time the hockey club has swept a team in its 38 year existence. This isn't how it's normally done for us.

In past round ones (at least the ones the Canucks won), we were diving right into round two with only a day, maybe two to spare because the series went the full seven games. Not a lot of time to get up to speed on the new opponent, reload the fridge, sort out the schedule, and make new Stanley Cup shaped tin foil hats, because the first Cup hats were destroyed during round one celebrations on Robson Street.

I was nervous for the Canucks as this was a shot at a playoff sweep, and I didn’t want to see them choke. However, I believed they could do it. I was nervous because if they didn't win game four, it would be raining doubt in the local sports media today. Not only did they win it, but they did it in dramatic fashion in the dying seconds of the first overtime period. The game winning goal scorer, Alex Burrows never ceases to amaze Canucks nation. His play has reached a higher level this season; you know he has a hockey angel named Luc Bourdon by his side at all times.

The St. Louis Blues were more than worthy opponents. What other team had to take on the hottest team during the last half of the regular season besides the Canucks? Although the Canucks has a two nothing lead (yeah, the worst lead in hockey), as soon as the Blues Brad Boyes scored that first one, I knew the kitchen sink was coming. They were going to throw it all at the Canucks, and it would be up to the Canucks to keep pace and capitalize on any mistakes. But the Blues tied it up and made it to overtime.

I watched game four on one of those little nine inch hospital TV's, sharing the headphones with my mom. I had to be reserved with my reactions and cheering in the hospital room. And I couldn't do my usual pacing and yelling at the TV that I would normally do during overtime when my team is killing a penalty. And this particular overtime I had to restrain myself like crazy during the 6 minutes the Canucks were shorthanded. Do you have any idea of how hard that is?

I can confidently say the spectacle of the playoffs is a wonderful distraction for people with illness. I've been in the hospital for each round one game, and it's brings the staff and the patients together. I know hockey gives my mom a heck of a lot of joy, and she's really enjoying the Canucks this season. If something tough comes along we just say it's "like the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and we gotta take it one game at a time."

The Canucks will have a break that could last up to ten days. This is uncharted territory for them, so they’ll figure out things to do. The local sports media will continue to fret over the effects of a lengthy break on goal tender,Roberto Luongo and his teammates, and after a while everyone will just tune it out...I hope.

What are we fans going to do with our selves? Keep an eye on the rest of the battles, enjoy the current sunshine, and perfect the tin foil Stanley Cup hat design.

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