Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stanley Cup Final: Game Two Pens vs. Wings

Same Old Song – Four Tops

by Jan Snyder

We may as well dance to a little Motown music on our way out of Detroit.

Okay, who ticked off the hockey gods?? Somebody must have as we watched Geno, Sid and Guerin all hit the posts. Isn’t it enough that Osgood is playing out of his mind? But no, we have to have all the bad luck in the world too.

But the guys played well, had their chances, and Geno did what we all wanted to do at the end of the game – beat on Zetterberg! Not only did Zetterberg keep Sid from playing his game, he lay across the goal line to stop a puck from going in. Geno was given a bunch of penalties but the NHL has wisely decided that he won’t be given a suspension.

This game we got the early lead when Geno got credit for the power play goal that was actually knocked in off a Red Wing. Going into the second, we were up but Eriksson, minus his appendix, tied it up and Filppula made it 2-1.

In the third period it was just like déjà vu all over again as Abdelkader scored the goal to make it 3-1, just like in the prior game.
Sid had another great chance that Osgood thought was past him, but that pesky post got in the way.

The Pens sure earned an A for effort tonight, but it just wasn’t to be. But now, it’s home sweet home, the happy, vocal crowd at Mellon Arena, and the opportunity to win Games Three and Four.
I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be among that happy, vocal crowd at Mellon for Games Three and Four. I’ll be landing in Pittsburgh in the afternoon and I’ll be ready for the 8:00 p.m. drop of the puck. Thanks to my daughter, Jen, and her husband, Jim, I have a ticket to see a couple of more Stanley Cup Finals. After last year, I wasn’t sure this would happen again so soon, but I’m sure glad it did! Let’s crank up the noise and welcome the boys back to the ‘burg!

The Pens will be Back in Black, Alive and Kicking, and Living on the Edge for the next two games. They just need to keep on doing what they’ve been doing, working hard and feeding off the crowd. After all, we don’t want to hear that Same Old Song we heard in Detroit.

Let’s Go, Pens!!

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