Monday, May 4, 2009

Round Two Game Two: Penguins/ Capitals

Hit Me with Your Best Shot – Pat Benetar

By Jan Snyder

This song works on two levels. On one, the hits were adding up; on the other the shots, at each other, were adding up. Another song that would apply is “Anything you can do, I can do better.”

What a game – Sid scores, Ovie scores, Sid scores, Ovie scores – twice, Sid scores. How long could this go on? Only David Steckel broke up the hat tricks of the superstars. When was the last time we saw two hat tricks in one playoff game? “Hit me with your best shot, Sid.” “Hit me with YOUR best shot, Ovie.”

So for all the talk about this being a team game and the two rivals not being on the ice at that same time against each other, six of the seven goals were scored by Crosby and Ovechkin. Had the game gone another period or two, who knows how many more each of them would have added.

But this game begs the question: Is Sid the only one who doesn’t ever want to be in that photo again? You remember the ad after last year’s defeat to Detroit. Sid stepped out of the picture of the disconsolate Pens at the end of the game and said “I don’t ever want to be in that photo again.” From the looks of things tonight, he is the only one who feels that way. Where was the rest of the team? C’mon guys, Sid needs some scoring help out there.

There were plenty of hits dished out by each team. Letang, after being plastered into the glass, left the game clutching his shoulder and arm. Will he be back for the next game? That’s a big hit to the power play if he can’t go. Gonchar took quite a slam into the glass as well, but came back to the ice.

Going two for five on the power play worked to the Pens advantage tonight and although it sounds strange in a game where seven goals were scored, both goalies were excellent.

Geno looked better too, but still couldn’t score and took a penalty that led directly to Ovechkin’s third goal.

So, back to the burg. Down two, but with two now on Mellon Arena ice. This time the crowd will be on the Pens’ side. Passion is so obvious on both sides. Each team wants to take the upper hand – who will get it on Wednesday? The hits will keep on coming, the shots will keep on coming – but will the other Pens chip in and help Sid? Hit us with your best shots, guys!

Let’s Go, Pens!

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