Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Stanley Cup Final: Game Three Wings vs. Pens

Let's Get Physical - Olivia Newton John

by Jan Snyder

A little dancing, a little exercise to work off that pent up energy from this great game! And physical was certainly what the Pens were tonight, dishing out hit after hit against the Wings.

What a treat to take in the game from Mellon Arena and soak up all the fun along the way. I think we've started a new tradition with Mario Lemieux dropping the ceremonial first puck. From the ovation he got, you would have thought he scored a goal! Let' s keep getting the Big Guy involved.

Evgeni Malkin's parents were seated just below us. We got to see first-hard the "rock star" treatment they get from fans after the games. Security finally came and helped them escape, but everyone was so nice, just taking photos and letting them know how much their son is loved.

We passed the great Jeff Jimerson, our anthem singer, after the game as he was also getting as much congratulations as the team.

A new wrinkle was a video made by another team -- the Pittsburgh Steelers! Several of the Steelers, including Hines Ward and James Harrison, are shown at their workout facility. They say that they can't hear the crowd. They start leading the crowd in a rowdy "Let's Go, Pens" chant. In another video, Coach Tomlin fires up the masses too, urging them to get behind the team. Coach Tomlin had a ringside seat right at the glass. Hines, Harrison and one or two other Steelers were in the house too.

Max Talbot scored two goals, bookending the game. His first put the Pens ahead in the first period and his second, an empty-netter, sealed the Wings fate on this night. In between, Letang and Gonchar were able to produce power play goals and the game was ours!

Apparently the Pens played for about 20 seconds with six men, a fact that wasn't noticed or called by the refs. And although we hit a couple of posts, so did the Wings, telling me that the hockey gods are evening things up a little.

But the overriding story of Game Three was the physical play of players like Cooke, Dupuis, and Orpik, among others. They gave out plenty of hits and the crowd loved it when Hossa especially was a recipient of one of the booming checks.

Being at the game and bringing home a win was great! The crowd screamed, chanted, waved their towels and did everything they could possibly do, especially in the last few minutes of the game, to help the team.

If they can keep up the hitting, play the same way they did tonight, and get ahead, Game Four should be just as much fun - so, boys, let's get physical all over again!

Let's Go, Pens!!

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