Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Round Two Game Seven: Penguins/ Capitals

Takin’ Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

by Jan Snyder

Penguins win the series 4-3

Let’s dance to a great song by a great Canadian group to celebrate this great hockey win! The Pens came out really determined to take care of business and they sure did.

As the red-clad Caps’ fans waved signs that read “Unleash the Fury”, the Pens were the team that did it. Scoring two in the first period, three in the second, and another in the third, the Pens made a statement. A big part of that statement was the welcome sight of Sergei Gonchar back on the ice, determined to play just a few days removed from that big hit on his knee. He didn’t wait long to make a difference, adding an assist to Sid’s first goal.

More determination? How about Marc-Andrea Fleury, who was determined to take care of his business as he made a huge save on Ovechkin early in the first period, perhaps setting a tone for what was to come? How about Crosby scoring two goals, one an unassisted breakaway, and adding an assist, not to mention taking a stick in the face? Wasn’t it fitting that he scored his breakaway goal on that four minute major? That’s determination.

Two goals in eight seconds was brutal for young Varlamov, but that was just a prelude to the onslaught he would face in the second as Guerin and Letang got to him again in short order. That was all for him in this game, but congratulations to him on a great series.

Jose Theodore fared a little better, but Staal and Sid scored on him too. Remarkably, the Pens didn’t take one penalty the entire game. On their two power plays, the Pens were able to score once.
Yes, the fury was unleashed, much to the delight of Pens fans.

Now we wait to see who we take on next. During the regular season, the Pens split the series 2-2 with the Bruins and the Hurricanes.

Wow, can you believe the two great series the Pens have played already? The Flyer series was tough, but not as exciting as the Caps series. Let’s hope the games just keep on getting better. No doubt the experience the Pens garnered last season going to the Stanley Cup Final is playing a part in their resolve this season.

Now we have a couple of days to get our heart rates back to normal before the next series, the Conference Final, begins. Whatever you’ve been doing as far as rituals go, keep it up.
Now the team has a few days to rest before they go on takin’ care of business!

Let’s Go, Pens!

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