Sunday, May 3, 2009

The "I" Game

The "I" Game

By Lisa Ovens

Game Two: Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (6)

Series tied 1-1

Well, I guess the Vancouver Canucks decided to let Blackhawks goal tender Nikolai Khabibulin win a game, something the net minder hasn’t done versus the Canucks since 1998. Now the question is will the Canucks refuse him another win until 2020?

And another question: The “A” game? Several Canucks spoke about bringing their “A” Game to game two. Does “A” stand for Adversity game? This is their Adversity game, a game that will inspire the boys to bring their “B” Game to the ice at United Center in Chicago on Tuesday for game three. “B” as in Best game.

I have to call Saturday’s 6-3 loss the work of the Canucks “I” Game. “I” as in Icky game. We saw some injury, idling in the corners, idling with the lead; iffy infractions meant irritated faces in the penalty box and ignition of the opposition’s offence. Identical twins, where for art thou identical twins? Ignorant fans leaving the game early (if the team has to stay for the whole thing...) because ideally one should stay until the very end considering the inflated ticket prices paid.

Weather Report

The best thing for the Canucks is to be on the road, which thankfully they now are. They’ve been stuck in Vancouver for a couple of weeks, and a beautiful couple of weeks they were. Back to Back, warm sunny days have a habit of putting the citizens of Vancouver into holiday mode, maintaining an outdoor patio kind of pace. Ironically the rain came Saturday, and by post game, a strong wind kicked up to blow the Canucks towards the Windy City, with fans hoping the team can do some serious damage on the ice and the score board for games three and four.

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