Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pens/ Habs Game Three: Geno’s Back!

Pens Take Game 3 by a Score of 2-0
Pens lead the series 2-1

by Jan Snyder
What a game! The atmosphere in Montreal was just as we thought it would be. Sometimes I think the crowd is just one big fan – they react as one all the time, good or bad. They are awesome.

Four Pens players were “at home” – Dupuis, Talbot, Fleury and Letang are all from the area and had to be charged up to be at home for a playoff game in Montreal. They all played well, but Fleury was outstanding.

The Penguins were wounded, without a wing, as Bill Guerin couldn’t play. In the first period, each team had a power play chance with no results. For a period with no scoring, it was quite exciting! Lots of action, blocked shots, hard hits – a real playoff game.

Right at the end of the second, the Pens were buzzing and we sensed something might happen, but even with a power play, nothing came the Pens way. And still the Montreal “fan” kept up its constant chants and singing, urging their team on.

Just as the second period ended, Hal Gill was called for holding on Crosby! Yay!! No score in the second, but with almost the entire power play left in the third, Geno made the difference. He had promised to play “100%” better and he was true to his word. The Pens got set up, Gonchar slapped a pass to Geno, and with Sid screening Halak, the puck found its way into the net! Whew! That was a relief. Still lots of time left, but we’d broken through and broken the tie. This really felt like a 1-0 game and I was so happy that it was the Pens that had the 1 on their side of the scoreboard.

As long as Fleury continued to play the way he had for two periods, the Pens had no worries. Fleury seemed determined to stop everybody and every puck tonight and he did get the shutout, but not before Pens’ fans stood as Cammalleri fired a shot that seemed like it would get through – but no, the brick wall go in the way and the heart-pounding save was made!

All that was left was for Dupuis to score an empty net goal very close to the end of the game. The Pens are now up 2-1 in the series and will have to do much more of the same on Thursday night to contain those pesky Canadians.

Fleury won the Battle of the Goalies tonight, stopping 18 shots, while Halak stopped 23. The Pens found a way to win, had the will to win, and showed everyone they learned a lot from bringing home the Cup last season.

Tonight I realized that I really don’t “enjoy” these games while they are in progress! I can’t sit still, I get heartburn, I scream at the TV – doesn’t that sound like fun? And yet I wouldn’t miss a game for the world and after they are over, I realize I did have a good time, despite myself!

A very bright spot today was the news that Jordan Staal skated with the team. He wasn’t really participating, but the very fact that he can get a skate on so soon after surgery seems like good news to me.

I’m ready for more heartburn and another headache on Thursday night – whatever it takes, I’m ready!


Random Thoughts

San Jose has the series 3-0 against Detroit. How is that happening? I still won’t count the Red Wings out, but 3-0 is hard to come back from for any team, including them.

Boston has two games on Philly, heading into Philadelphia for the next game. I’m enjoying this series too, and I hope it goes seven games, overtime each game, so that if the Pens get through to the next round, their opponent is exhausted!

• Lisa and I have talked about the parallel playoffs the Pens and Canucks are having. According to the “pattern”, Vancouver will win tomorrow!

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