Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Canucks vs. Blackhawks Game Six: Canucks Eliminated, Lisa says "Go SHARKS!"

Blue Canuck by Lisa Ovens

by Lisa Ovens

To help ease the pain of watching my home team, the Vancouver Canucks lose game six, 5-1, I cleaned my bathroom. And I phoned my brother. But I didn’t reach for a cup cake, so, uh, that’s a good thing.

Same day (May 11th) same game (game six) same team doing the eliminating (Blackhawks) Geez, who writes these scripts? For some reason, and I haven’t put my finger on it yet, but after this year’s “Annual Blackhawks eliminate Canucks Event” I don’t feel as bad as I did last year. And judging by the looks and comments from the post game Canucks, it didn’t seem to hurt them as much as it did last year.

To sum it up quickly right here, right now in no particular order: yes, we missed a player like Willie Mitchell, we blew it in games three and four on the composure front, people played hurt, Luongo tried and looked great at times, and then stunk it up on others, the Blackhawks are a good team, Byfuglien ran over Edler who doesn't return to play, the one goal we got from O'Brien was sweet, all hale Sami Salo for playing after the testicle injury from game five, why couldn’t we win at home where lots and lots of winning occurred all year, oh how this sucks, especially for the fans in the stands who cheered even when it was 5-1, but I believed, and who says you have to ever stop believing.

In the West it’s a no brainer, I ‘m jumpin’ on the San Jose Shark bandwagon in the Western Conference Final. As I pointed out in a recent column, the San Jose Sharks and the Vancouver Canucks were the last two competitors in the Semi Finals that haven’t won a Stanley Cup. Let's see the Sharks get closer to the promised land. Like I’m going to cheer for the Blackhawks- not!

My mother passed away before the beginning of the regular season, and I made it through my first Canuck season without her as my game buddy. I know wherever she is, she’ll be a little sad that the boys came up short again. And then she’ll say let’s look forward to next season.

And I shall :o) because I am crazy. You have to be a little crazy to follow this team.

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