Monday, May 10, 2010

Canucks/ Blackhawks Game gets interesting

Canucks win game five 4-1
Blackhawks lead the series 3-2

by Lisa Ovens

A clean shaven Roberto Luongo tamed a beast within tonight, helping his team win game five in United Center 4-1. I really like writing a line like that. We are going to game six.

The Vancouver Canucks did not become unglued in this potential last game of the season; especially during the penalty kill and the times when four different players need medical attention. Composure means everything right now.

A two goal night from Kevin Bieksa, another great effort from Kyle Wellwood, and everyone else taking care of the little things. Yay... first goal from Christian Erhoff in the first minute of the game! A major plus to have in the vibrant "Mad House", against a tough team to beat in the Blackhawks.

                                  Matts Sudin ay United Center does a Luxury box interview

One thing that was a bonus was the vision of "Lux Box Matts" Sundin at the game.. In my opinion he made a difference to this team last season, and some might say his best venue was in the room. I don’t know yet if he spoke to the group, but I hope he did. Leadership has to come from many sources sometimes, and I sure Matts would have brought it tonight.

Ouch! Tweet! No Bucket! Tweet

Sami Salo took one for the team. The rumor is something ruptured, but according to a Jason Botchford tweet, Salo’s testicle is not ruptured.

Earlier tonight tweeted that the Canucks went helmet-less during the pre game warm up but had no explanation as to why at "tweet time". Here’s why, according to Shane o’Brien via The Province Sports...

...He even made sure the Canucks went without their helmets for the pre-game warm-up to keep everybody loose. "I've been pumping it all year," added O'Brien. "Ryan Johnson then said something and as soon as the twins went on board, everybody had to go no bucket."

I liked that. Let’s hope my theory posted earlier about this series continues to be right!!!!

Time to run...until tomorrow...Go Canucks!

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