Thursday, May 6, 2010

Habs/ Pens Game Four: It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

by Jan Snyder

Pens Lose 3-2 to Montreal
series tied 2-2

What a first period! There they were – the Pens of last year, the holders of the Cup, playing like crazy, buzzing like bees around a hive! Staal was back, somewhat unexpectedly, everything was right with the world! Even though Montreal scored first as Pyatt snuck the puck through Fleury’s legs, that was okay because shortly after, Max the Superstar Talbot, scored for the Pens. Hal Gill was called for a penalty and we took advantage as a loopy goal went in off Kunitz and gave Sid an assist. The score was 2-1 as the period ended and things were lookin’ good.

What a second period! The Pens started with a power play, then the Habs had a power play but neither could score. Each team worked hard for the full twenty minutes, but there was no scoring. Instead there were plenty of opportunities for the Pens to score, but Halak and the defense kept them off the scoreboard. I was starting to squirm, thinking we needed one more, as Letang missed an open net and others came so close but couldn’t find the back of the net.

What a third period! The Pens came out like the Energizer bunny as his batteries were wearing down. Where was that fire from the first two periods? Give Montreal credit – they took full advantage and scored two quick goals about ninety seconds apart and went up 3-2. So the Pens had some work to do and they set to it. When Geno got loose and came in on the breakaway, I was sure he would tie things up – but, no, not so much as he missed and Halak flung the puck up ice. They worked and worked right to the bitter end, but couldn’t come back to tie it up.

What a game! Even though we came out on the bad end of this one, it was one terrific playoff game. Halak was good, Fleury was good. The Pens were better in the first part of the game, the Canadiens were better in the second part. Nobody said it would be easy to defend the Stanley Cup!

Now back to Pittsburgh for game five. Home, sweet, home with the series tied at 2-2. Come on, fans, show your support, be as loud as the fans in Montreal (but don’t throw trash on the ice) and help the Pens get that third win! We can do, they can do it –


Random Thoughts:

• How odd is it that Miroslav Satan, who won the Cup last year with the Pens, has scored three game-winning goals for Boston? Love the phrase, Miro the Hero!

• Detroit isn’t going down easy. Quite a statement tonight scoring seven goals.

• I was pulling hard for Lisa’s Canucks last night, but they broke the pattern of doing what the Pens did. Now they have to win tomorrow night to get their series to 2-2 as well.

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