Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Western Conference Champs...Third Time's a Charm?

After a tense evening of almost five complete periods of hockey...the Canucks win 3-2 in double OT to knock out the San Jose Sharks and receive the studly, and untouchable Clarence Campbell Bowl! It's the one we have to win to get to the one we really want to win. The Canucks won the Campbell Bowl in 1982, and 1994, and this 2011 win is like a repeat of the 94 win because it happened on the same day, and in the same way...Double Overtime!
Congratulations to my home team, the Vancouver Canucks for getting the job done in Game Five. Four more wins to go.

Bye bye San Jose Sharks...you didn't make it easy for the Orcas tonight, but thanks for coming out and really making a game of it.

Don't think I'll be getting much sleep tonight. Still won't finish the dishes though ;o)

Go Canucks!!!

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