Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Don Cherry Suit Win/ Loss Statistic

When Grapes goes loud...the Canucks win!!

by Lisa Ovens

After two rounds, the Canucks have played 13 games...8 wins 5 losses. Mixed into all of these playoff hockey memories? Visions of Don Cherry's suit jackets kept appearing in my minds eye. I started to see a pattern, and it wasn't plaid or pretty florals.

I went back through Coach's Corner archives to confirm what Don Cherry was wearing during the segments, and this is what I found...

Since the beginning of the Playoffs, The Canucks are 7-1 when Don Cherry sports a loud bold suit jacket during his Coach’s Corner segment on Hockey Night in Canada.

When Grapes wears a more subdued suit jacket (only one tone or colour) …the Canucks are 1-5

Subdued suits and Canucks mostly lose

2nd round Predators/Canucks

Game Six win bold pattern
Game Five loss subdued/one colour
Game Four win subdued/one colour
Game Three win bold pattern
Game Two loss subdued/one colour
Game One win bold pattern

Wins:  Bold Jacket 3 subdued Jacket 1     Losses:  Bold jacket 0 subdued Jacket 2

Round one was a little different. Cherry didn’t start his Coach’s Corner segments until after the Canucks won Game One. However, even when Cherry’s segments were featured during the Habs/ Bruins series, they happened in between the Canucks/Blackhawks games and his choice of jacket still supports the win/loss pattern…

Game Seven win Bold bold pattern
Game Six loss ( the day after subdued suit)
Game Five loss subdued Easter look pink (one colour jacket)
Game Four loss subdued Easter look purple (one color jacket)
Game Three win  Bold
Game Two win   Bold   Checked jacket between Canuck wins
Game One win    Bold

Wins: Bold Jacket 4 subdued jacket 0  Losses:  Bold Jacket 0 subdued jacket 3

Right now the Canucks are playing game number 14, the first of a possible seven in the Western Conference Finals against the Sharks. The Sharks are leading 2-1 after the second period. Don Cherry's jacket for the evening? Green plaid.

So there you have it! GO PLAID GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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