Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don Cherry Suit Watch : Canuck Win/Loss Statistc UPDATE!!

by Lisa Ovens

Okay, I've had a day and a half to bask in the glory of my home team, the Vancouver Canucks making it to the final round of the 2011 Stanley Cup I get back to blog business, namely the Don Cherry Suit Jacket/ Vancouver Canuck win loss statistic.

We last left off at Round Three, Game Four....The Canucks won that game, and what was Don wearing? ...

A very subdued look, save for the jaunty cap on his head. The Canucks win/loss stat when Cherry sports a Subdued, one tone or color suit  is now 3-5

Then Game Five came along in Vancouver, and Grapes pulled off a repeat of this plaid number he wore for Game One. The Canucks won Game Five and closed out the series on the San Jose Sharks.

I don't think a person could wear this jacket and not have a fun day. Canucks win/loss record when Cherry stands out in a loud, patterned jacket:  9-2.

I have to wonder how many jackets Don Cherry travels with? It appears he has left many of his floral patterns at home in Ontario or they haven't been his "go to" look for the 2011 Playoffs. I am very intrigued by what his Round Four selections will be and if the loud, patterned suit jackets will continue to favor the Vancouver Canucks!

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