Monday, May 2, 2011

Predators/Canucks Games One and Two: Splitsville in Vancouver

photo by Andrew lavigne

Game One Canucks 1 Predators 0
Game Two Predators 2 Canucks 1 (Double OT)

Series tied 1-1

by Lisa Ovens

Many assumed the Canucks would lose Game One after the thrilling and exhausting first round series against the Blackhawks, and then righting the ship to take Game Two. Well, the exact opposite happened. The Canucks shut out the Preds in front of a mild crowd last Thursday evening. That was the night I came up with a new nickname for Preds netminder: The Thud. Pekka “The Thud” Rinne. That’s for the loud thud heard every time Canuck rubber bounces off the sturdy goal tender. But it would be Roberto Luongo earning the shut that night.

Two nights later, it seemed the very same game carried over into Game Two. A match that was more about goal tending than scoring.

Canucks captain, Henrik Sedin is stuck in a scoring slump, along with forward, Ryan Kesler. We can only hope these two can pull out some offense in Nashville for Games Three and Four: they’re going need it in order to quiet the spirited Nashville crowd.

But getting back to game two…seeing Round One catch up to my home team was something that was bound to happen. But, as the long game moved along, they did come alive, but didn’t get the break needed to end the game. Dang…five periods of play and someone’s going to go home angry. May the anger inspire more scoring!!!

For the Canucks and Preds series, I think we’ll be waiting for a turning point that opens the series up. Find those reasons to dislike the opponents. But until that happens, we’ll have to be content with a slower built up.

Here's to slow cookin' playoff hockey :o)

Did you see...
Blonde Jazz diva, Diana Krall at Saturday night's game? Kind of makes ya think about another Blond Diva in the Country Music scene hanging out at the Preds games...Carrie Underwood (wife to Mike Fisher). Do I smell a new rivalry cooking between Jazz and Country? BC's Krall takes on  Nashville's Underwood...Krall sits in the stands and that's pretty cool, but if I am not mistaken, every shot I've seen of Underwood, she's up in a suite somewhere. Rivalries gotta start somewhere....
Go Nucks...Go Krall!!!

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