Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Hockey Bits One Week Before Christmas

by Lisa Ovens

Well, where the heck have I been? Everyone gets super busy at this time of year, including me. So what has happened since my last blog post? Let's see...

Markus Naslund's no. 19 to the Rafters

I really enjoyed the ceremony and was very proud of Nazzy. His sweater deserves to be up there. And he deserves all the tennis vacations he and Lotta can handle! For several days the hockey minds in this town hashed it out; wondering if the Canucks did the right thing, because afterall, Naslund didn't take our team and our city to a promised land.

Its been forty years without a Cup, so Vancouver has to use different criteria when making these decisions. Naslund's emergence as an MVP sniper helped kick off what is the current love affair this city has for its Canucks (sometimes a disfunctional affair, but a love affair nonetheless), and if I owned or managed the Canucks, well, me and my bank account would be very pleased to honor the man that was a big part of my company's success.

Oiler Octane Dance Squad

The launch of Canada's first all female, all mini skirted, all white gogo booted hockey dance team has come and gone. Now we all wonder...will another Canadian NHL team take a step backwards and do the same?

Yes, in my opinion, the Oilers adding an all female dance team to their game presentation is not a step forward.

A few years back, I collaborated with my friend, film maker, Andrew Lavigne. We wrote a game presentation pitch designed for the Vancouver Canucks because we saw the need to freshen up what we considered a tired, old bag of tricks. Unfortunately, our pitch query was lost in the shuffle during the Chris Zimmerman administration. Then both Andrew and I became busy with other projects.

 All I can say is I challenge any team with a cheer squad to let Andrew and I work our magic to prove there are much better ways to entertain 18,000 hockey fans during TV time outs/intermissions without resorting to mini skirts and gogo boots.

Cheerleaders in hockey is a subject I cover in my new book, For the Love of Empty Net Goals.

24 7 HBO: The Winter Classic Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Watching this series makes me think one thing: man, do I want to be a hockey fan in the United States or what! What drama...this kind of attention and story telling could be huge for hockey in America this season.

Then I think about our upcoming Heritage Classic event in Canada and I'm not really moved at all: Flames vs Habs...yawn. We need our own version of 24/7. But, knowing Canada, Rick Mercer would do the show and it would be a laugh a minute! Seriously though the presentation  would be Ron MacLean soliloquies peppered with Canadian alternative rock tunes and a dash of Don Cherry.

Canada only has six teams to choose from, and because its looking like the outdoor game event will become an annual to-do, just like the Winter Classic in the States, it's likely we'll foster some unique Heritage Classic rivalries in good time.

What's really surprising to me is by this February, Canada will have two Heritage Classics under its belt, and  the so called "Canada's team", the Toronto Maple Leafs, will not have played in one. How can that be? Don't worry, they'll catch up...

The Leafs have bid on hosting the 2012 game, and apparently the Vancouver Canucks will bid for 2013.

Okay...back to being busy, just not as busy as last week.

Happy Hockey :o)

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