Info: For the Love of Empty Net Goals, By Lisa Ovens

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For the Love of Empty net Goals follows critically acclaimed hockey author, Lisa Ovens as she navigates the wonderful world of professional hockey. Lisa’s offbeat hockey adventures take her from the Sunbelt to the Rustbelt examining NHL hockey culture and documenting the rise of the female hockey fan like no other book has done before.

From the NHL Lockout, to hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics in her backyard, Lisa covers the latest transformation of North America’s fourth big league sport with style, humor and honesty.

Never before has the female hockey fan received so much attention from the National Hockey League and sports media in general. Lisa Ovens's new book is as timely as it gets for hockey enthusiasts everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not often women launch hockey books, but for some reason, whenever I do it’s necessary for me to answer questions about the book to help clear up any potential confusion surrounding the content and my motivations for writing the book.

Is this book a continuation of your first book, Hockey & High Heels?

Hockey & High Heels covered one hockey season. For the Love of Empty Net Goals spans six seasons (including the lost the season, the Lockout). So much has happened with the game and the fans, especially female hockey fans. It is an epic adventure that I have written extensively about, but I have selected highlights from each season of my life following hockey since H&HH. A few of my previously published hockey articles and blog entries are blended into the story, along with plenty of general hockey information.

Readers of H&HH will find that I address a few story lines left hanging at the end of that book using the flashback technique. Some of the same cast from H&HH is along for the ride for FTLOENG, but some new friends are introduced, too.

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Are your books fiction or non fiction?

H&HH and FTLOENG are both non fiction books and would fall under the Humor: Sports category or Humor: Hockey Culture.

Is this book about Women’s hockey?

FTLOENG contains one chapter titled “She Shoots She Scores and She Loves it!” It begins with the woman’s game from the perspective of a new player (me) and then moves all the way up to the greatest women to play the game and the shaky ground their game currently stands upon.

I have done my best to capture the hockey fan experience: both the enjoyment of the game and some of the common issues we all face. I am also a travel enthusiast, so I spent a good amount of time traveling for hockey so you can expect several travel stories. Plus I include information and tips as it relates to my experience.

Is this about Hockey History?
It’s funny how often I am asked that question. I must look like a hockey historian or something. Mostly its recent hockey history though I do refer to the occasional significant historical hockey moment if it relates to the context of the story. For the most part this is a book about today’s game.

What gives you the authority to write about hockey?

With my first book, Hockey & High Heels, I came out of nowhere. But with that book I made my way to the NHL involved in hockey events for women. Over time, I have consulted on all kinds of things related to marketing the sport to women. I have had the opportunity to chat with all kinds of people about the game, the culture and the hockey fan culture. I have done countless hours researching and observing the game and the people in love with it. As a former advertising and marketing professional, what goes on with the business of sport piques my interest.

I have an interesting background when it comes to the male/ female dynamic: at one time I lived and worked in a Middle Eastern culture, I spent a considerable amount of time working in a male dominated field (consumer electronics) and have also worked in female dominated industries.

It’s almost like I was born to tackle sports.

About the Author
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Lisa Ovens is also the author of the ground breaking Hockey & High Heels – A different kind of hockey book (2005 L&T Publishing), the publisher of the fun-loving website for women and the men who love them. With her first book she has aligned with NHL teams in the United States, speaking to and signing books at special events serving all levels of female hockey fans.

Lisa’s 2010 Winter Olympics blog, 2010 and High Heels was listed as a top blog to follow along with blogs at the New York Times, The Toronto Star and the Vancouver Sun (she was the only female blogger on the list). She enjoys hockey and collecting art. This is her second book.