Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baseball Fan Samples Hockey Delights

by Lisa Ovens

Hockey is a religion for many fans. It was passed down to them at an early age; often by hockey fanatic parents or older siblings. For us, we know it’s the greatest game on earth, and we’ll happily share that with anyone in earshot. That’s what we do.

These days, its not often I come across a complete hockey newbie, but as it turned out a couple of weeks ago, a newbie’s request slid across my desk at H&’s headquarters. A reporter with the Tampa Bay Tribune was researching a story on hockey/ female hockey fans, and she came across my website ( and hockey books. She requested a telephone interview to include in her story. Being an avid baseball fan, hockey was completely new to her. After the baseball season ended, she decided to give hockey a try by purchasing a ticket to the Tampa Bay Lightning’s annual Hockey & Heels event.

We had a good chat. It was very exciting to speak with such a new fan again. She seemed to be “getting it”, getting why we are all so crazy about this great game. With the latest rendition of the Tampa Bay Lightning off to a good start, I hope she continues her immersion into hockey. To read Tampa Bay Tribune reporter, Michelle Bearden’s story, please click the following link...

The Lightning's "Hockey N' Heels" class offers a 101 to the sport

(Please note: there is a typo in the article - lists the number of NHL teams in Canada as 16 instead of six)

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