Friday, December 10, 2010

Naslund Moment: Morning Sunshine, the Bobblehead Shots

by Lisa Ovens

Morning Sunshine!

Winter Solstice will soon be here. about a little sunshine courtesy of a bobblehead?
I wanted to take a special bobblehead shot of number 19, so one warm and sunny morning I woke up extra early and headed out to the West Dyke Trail in Richmond, BC (across the water from Vancouver International Airport) with the Markus Naslund statue safely stowed in my backpack.

The shot above was the one that I placed in Mesh Galleria (my website art gallery). Here are some of the others I took – I loved the brightness of the sun at that point in the was a fun time.

   Yesterday I listened to a telephone interview with Markus Naslund. He was asked how he felt being back in Vancouver. He said it felt like he was "coming home".

Welcome back to Vancouver, Nazzy!

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