Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Hockey Bits

by Lisa Ovens

Can the New Jersey Devils Stop the Regal Ones...Even Just Once?

As much as this is about a possible Kings sweep to win Lord Stanley's Cup, it is also about the New Jersey Devils winning their first game of the series. Devils fans, welcome to the nightmare Canucks and Blues fans went through in rounds one and two. It's "one game at a time", time. Although the Canucks managed to win their Game Four, the comeback came to a close early into OT of Game Five. Martin Brodeur is going to have to steal this game for the Devils after the 4-0 loss in Game Three. Only the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs managed to climb their way out of a 0-3 hole in Stanley Cup Final history.

Rest in Peace, Vladimir Krutov

Vladimir Krutov, who played just one season for the Vancouver Canucks, has passed away in Russia at the age of 52. Krutov was one third of the world famous KLM Line (Central Red Army). His story is an interesting one, as it shows just how challenging it can be for a foreign player to adjust to playing overseas in the NHL. Vancouver Sun story link

Did You Know...

If a final round series has the potential to end before a seventh game, The Stanley Cup and the Con Smythe trophies will remain in a nearby hotel room, and will not be brought into the arena, until it's looking pretty obvious the series leading team is going to win it.

Look at Me...Look at Me!!!

Every year, during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, we hear how the NHL prefers various non playoff NHL related news stories to be kept on a temporary "down low" so as not to take the spotlight off one of sports most grueling quests for a championship. In the last half of the playoffs, two high profile players have made a splash...

Now, I am going to give Detroit Red Wing, Niklas Lidstrom a pass here for announcing his retirement after 20 amazing years playing for the Wings because,well, he was such a fixture during the post season. He's a four time Stanley Cup Champion and the first European born player to win the Con Smythe Award as MVP of the 2002 S.C. Playoffs. The Wings have made the playoffs for the last 21 years in a row, making their playoff appearance streak the longest in professional team sports, and you know Lidstrom has something to do with that. So yes, it is just fine he announces his retirement at this point in time because everyone should know when a superstar like Lidstrom decides to hang up the skates.

What don't we need to know about right now? Whatever the heck is going on with Tim Thomas's career!
Thomas is no Nik Lidstrom, and shouldn't have chose this point in time to announce his "sabbatical from the game". It just shows us, once again, that Thomas has little respect for his peers, especially the ones currently playing in the Stanley Cup Final, a place where he was, this time last year. Roberto Luongo, what were you thinking "pumping this guy's tires" a year ago?

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