Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Flyin' Winnipeg

By Lisa Ovens

Isn't it nice to read hockey news out of Winnipeg, and the news isn't about the city lacking an NHL team? Remember those days? All the debating, the number crunching, the complaining, the conspiracies. Those days are gone forever. The Winnipeg Jets have presented their new logo, and now all we have to is like it...or not, and fill up comment sections and message boards with our opinions, debates and complaints.

I like it. However, I imagine it might look more smashing as a crest on a thick,cozy, dark jacket rather than a hockey jersey. But that's just me. The circle logo seems like something Ralph Lauren would cook up to tack onto a fall/winter line of pilot inspired outer wear. Well, Jets fans...Happy Shopping!

In other Winnipeg news...the ten year old singer (the one discovered by Lady Gaga) signed a record deal in the Philippines. Maria Aragon of Winnipeg signed with Star Records. I'm sure she's going to have a ball recording her first record! We may see Maria sing the anthem at Jets games this winter. Wow!

Now that summer has finally arrived in Vancouver, I best be getting back to it.

Happy Off-Season everybody :o)

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