Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kelser Pot Pie!

By Lisa Ovens

One day, during the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, British Columbians received a neat little packet in the mail, filled with recipes and tips on saving power. Local celebrities dubbed “Team Power Smart Leaders” offered up some home cooking fun for folks around the province.This type of marketing couldn’t be done in Canada without including a hockey hero, so the packet features Vancouver Canuck, and 2011 Selke Trophy winner, Ryan Kesler.

Kesler’s Chicken Pot Pie is a simple recipe for even the most kitchen-shy hockey fans. Also the power saving tip is a good one: keep the bottom of the heat sources for cooking in your kitchen (burners on a stove, bottom of the toaster oven) free of crumbs and burnt food. "They absorb heat that would other wise go into cooking your food."
Here are the ingredients for Kesler Pot Pie…

Now, considering the fact we are currently fighting a “War on Sodium”, it might be a good idea to substitute that big ol’ can of condensed cream of chicken soup with a low sodium version made from scratch, or at the very least, read the can’s label for the daily percentage of sodium stat and pick the brand with the lowest number.

As a suggestion, you may pair the Kesler Pot Pie with a nice bottle of wine from Bure Family Wines and have yourself a hockey themed Chicken Thursday.

Hey, wait a minute, I just remembered something. My mom gave me a recipe calendar circa 1997, featuring recipes from NHL Hockey moms. If I remember correctly, Calgary Flame captain, Jerome Iginla’s mom had a chicken recipe. Wow…this could be a face off/bake off of Northwest Division rival proportions!!!

Must find the recipe calendar in my giant box of hockey stuff (that would be my office) Stayed tuned for the hockey related chicken recipe face off! Only at Lisa’s Lounge ;o)

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