Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hockey Off Season Blues?

By Lisa Ovens

Okay, here we are in July. We are just about as far away from hockey season as we can get. Are you blue? Are you missing the hockey routine?

After such a disastrous end to the Vancouver Canuck's season, I took a look around my home, and crikey, do I need to get some things organized! So, if you are feeling lost during the off-season, be like me and...organize!

If you are a writer, you know how the writing can really pile up. If you are a hoarder, you know how much you can hoard. Now put the two together, and you've got me! Recently I opened up a container filled with my words, going back to the tender age of 15 years old. I'll be honest, I was really frightened at times. Reading my teen aged fueled writing is freaky. Stupidest. Poetry. Ever. However, there are some short stories, stream of consciousness ramblings and bits of abstract comedy that are completely salvageable.

Mixed into a few decades of writing were other items of interest;  the things that I would stick on bulletin boards or fridges. Like the Life In Hell cartoon pictured above (copyright 1988 Matt Groening). So far, I have uncovered five of them - all cut out from the Georgia Straight. I laughed my butt off reading them the other day, especially the one above (if you can't see it right and need clarity, there is a heart drawn on the paper suspended in front of the little fellow). Some aspects of my sense of humor hasn't changed!

And that's my post for now: if you are missing hockey...try a little Tuesday night organizing and downsize what every's been collecting in your closets and drawers.

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