Thursday, January 20, 2011

Great Moments in Sandwich: Mike Babcock Makes a Sandwich

by Lisa Ovens

Who would of thought the subject of sandwiches would come up twice at this blog? Actually it would be three times including my review of the Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich in the old school Lisa’s Lounge. Okay...if you really is the link to Old School Lisa’s Lounge and the column with the breakfast sandwich review. It fits in right now because Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that was my 2007 Valentine's column post.

The other Great Moments in Sandwich occurred earlier this season, with the recipe for Sidney Crosby’s favourite sandwich involving Dempster’s bread (there was also a contest to meet Sidney in on that). As far as I know, I didn't win the contest to meet Sid in March. Now you have to wonder how Crosby will be feeling at that point in time due to the effects of his first concussion. They say its a mild one, which is a good thing, but it still doesn't solve the problems surrounding head injuries...

"The 43 concussions sustained since the exhibition season began in September puts the league on a pace for about 77 for the regular season, near the average of 75 in recent seasons and below the 82 last season, according to Dr. Ruben Echemendia, a neuropsychologist who directs the joint N.H.L.-N.H.L. Players’ Association concussion working group". From a NY Times article by Jeff Klein

Before the subject of concussions de-rails this post on sandwiches...on to Babcock's Great Moment in Sandwich...
...because unfortunately for Sid the Kid, Mike Babcock making a sandwich is the crowned KING of Great Moments in Sandwich.

Okay I got a problem here guys. I got warm toast and no butter, man. This is a major crisis for me. Unbelievable.”

-Mike Babcock

HNIC's Elliotte Friedman's story on the coaching ways of Mike Babcock revealed more than the dedicated and hard working personality of the Red Wing's Stanley Cup winning coach. It showed how Babcock gingerly dries lettuce in a tea towel, and how he reacts when things go horribly wrong in the kitchen...
Watch Elliotte Friedman's HNIC Inside Hockey piece on Mike Babcock here

That aired on Sat. January 8th, 2011prior to the Canucks/ Red Wings tilt at Roger's Arena in Vancouver. The depleted Wings beat Vancouver 2-1 (shoot out victory). It was an exciting game to watch. After seeing so much Mike Babcock in one night, I was reminded of a quote of his...

The effort has got to equal the opportunity

He said that way back in 2003, when the team he was coaching, the Ducks, had lost their third straight game in the Stanley Cup Final. (They would battle back and win the next three, but ultimately fell to the New Jersey Devils in game seven).

If there is one saying the Vancouver Canucks could tattoo on their hands or scribble on their gloves, it would be that, the effort has got to equal the opportunity. Keep saying it boys, over and over, with each shift you take...imagine Babcock's voice, his John Wayne like tones (but a more hyper sounding Duke? No, maybe not like John Wayne.Geez who does he sound like?)  The effort has got to equal the opportunity...

Not a bad quote. A quote we could all remember with each task we do. Just make sure there's butter handy ;o)

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