Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eat Pray Love Hockey: Part One

She was sick. It came on when she was at the Calgary Flames/ Canucks game with Michelle. It was the first Canuck home game of this new year and it was swell of Michelle to treat her to a hockey game. She put on a brave face. Surely the hockey would help.
Michelle, a Flames fan was sympathetic. Nice of her considering the Canucks easily beat her Flames 4-1, and somewhat embarrassing them in the process. 

Lisa: I’m so sick.
Michelle: I know you are.
Lisa: But the Canucks sure look like winners…for now.
Michelle: it’s not easy being a Flames fan right now, with all the Oli Jokinen joke photos and gifs out there. He’s my fave, you know. Did you say something?
Lisa: Oli “Joke” inen. Haha.

photo below from HF Boards

She made her way home on the bus. The Triple O burger weighed her down. He body resonated with every movement. A fever was coming on. Feed a cold, starve a fever? As full as she was, with the burger and yet another convincing Canuck win, she never felt emptier.

The weekend came and she was bedridden. But at least she made it to the doctor. The huge pills ( take two, with food, by mouth, once per day until finished) left a horrible metallic taste in her mouth.

She set up her netbook attached to a large monitor on the coffee table so she could watch the Canucks/ Red Wings game while curled up on the sofa. This was good. At least she got out of bed for Hockey Night in Canada.

As sick as she was she enjoyed the Elliot Friedman piece on Red Wings head coach, Mike Babcock. She always liked Babcock and thought his voice and manner of speaking was so unique, just like her voice and manner of speaking.

Lisa: Wow, Babcock and I should be hosting a show together – our voices together, alone, would kill!

As it turned out, she watched the Babcock segment several times over the next week, only because it was a great moment in sandwich…and it lifted her spirits from the sad place that was her soul...

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