Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching Up with Hockey! NHL All Star Weekend

by Lisa Ovens
photo by Lisa Ovens

I didn't expect to begin my new year with an intense case of pneumonia. Its put a damper on a few things, let me tell you. And now that I am feeling stronger I face a mountain of dishes to do, not to mention other neglected household duties. But for now, let's forget about all that and talk a little hockey!

Canuck All Stars

Congratulations to the Vancouver Canucks for having three players and one coach representing at the upcoming All-Star game. Both Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler will be first timers, and they're lucky to have two time all star Henrik Sedin to show them the ropes. Canuck coach, Alain Vigneault will be co-coaching with the Flyers, Peter Laviolette.

It's All Star month so that means everyone and their dog is busy plotting new ways to present this event because everyone and their dog is tired of the festival. I've heard some say they'd like it to morph into an outdoor game. I say no. That would just bring out new complaints about All Star weekend because there are a bevy of fans out there that don't even like the Winter Classic. Let's not make it any tougher on those peeps than it already is.

I like the way the All Star weekend is, they just need to beef up  a couple of things: one -  the red carpet. We need a good hour of the red carpet telecast. I want to see the selected stars, all of them parade slowly up the red carpet, greeting fans, signing autographs, posing for photos, doing fun little interviews. CBC Sports doesn't present nearly enough of the carpet action. Yet we get to see Ron MacLean grill Gary Bettman about everything Ron thinks is wrong with league operations every year. This interview does one thing: put a damper on the affair. Thanks for that, Ron.

Two: the skills event should be twice as long. What they could be doing is there usual skills events, but also blend in some big screen video action as well. The videos would present a contest of the best goals scored, the pucks saved, the biggest clean hits, and the most entertaining fights of the previous season. Whether the best was performed by an All star or not, too. This could be a social media marketing strategy, becasue leading up to the event fans would be voting on their favorites, and then the top three in each category would be decided between events during skills competition. Should a non All Star make the top three, well, then they get a free trip to the weekend and be a part of it.

Well there's my two cents on the NHL's All Star Weekend. That and I really would like to go to one, one of these years. If anyone out there would like to take me to All Star Weekend in Carolina, please let me know...soon :o)

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