Friday, November 19, 2010

Wear Your Colors, Ladies!

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by Jan Snyder

One of the many good things about taking a couple of days off from work is that I get to watch all of NHL Live on the NHL Network. I usually see about half an hour of the show if I’m able to have lunch at home. The show is always good with plenty of interviews, opinions, calls from fans and tweets.

Today Don LaGreca and E.J. Hradek welcomed Alyssa Milano to the program to discuss her sports clothing line called Touch by Alyssa Milano. If you are a female hockey fan, be her fan, she is pushing affordable sports garb that women can actually wear and feel comfortable wearing. I’ve checked out her designs and they are really nice.

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 Alyssa began designing clothes for female fans of Major League Baseball. She is a season ticket holder for the Los Angeles Dodgers and she remarked that when she looked around in the stadium stores for women’s clothing it was hard to find. She said she coined the phrase “pink and shrink” to describe what was being done to clothes for ladies. The prevailing thought seemed to be just color it pink and make it smaller. Unfortunately, women were buying that awful stuff because not too many other choices existed.

Now Alyssa has a female line of clothing for MLB, NFL, MLS, NBA and NHL teams – hurray!

Tonight she is in Pittsburgh to cut the ribbon for the new Pens Gear store, which is, of course, selling her Touch line. On the show, she told the guys that her fashions are things that she would be comfortable wearing if she went out to dinner after a game, but she stressed that jerseys are very important to women, who want to look like the team they support. According to her, and she should know, that will never change.

While she was talking, she mentioned that when she walks around cities, she rarely sees women in clothes that support a team. Because she is in Pittsburgh, she used the example of not seeing women on the streets of Pittsburgh wearing hoodies or hats supporting the Steelers or Penguins. Whoa, Alyssa, you obviously haven’t been in the right parts of the city! I promise you, a great many Pittsburgh women proudly support their teams by wearing all kinds of Pens and Steelers gear. I live in Houston but I have two Penguin hoodies and more shirts than I can count. Jump on a bus or trolley, heck, even the incline, Alyssa, and mingle with the “real Pittsburghers”. You’ll see plenty of team support.

But, hey, I’m sure not putting down the Touch line of clothing or Alyssa. It’s so great to have a real female sports fan on our side. She was able to talk quite capably about the Dodgers and the Kings, and even threw into the conversation that she had Kings season tickets during Luc Robaitaille’s rookie season! You go, girl!

Alyssa claimed to follow several female hockey blogs, so if you’re out there reading this, Alyssa, give us a shout! Look me up if you attend the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh –I’ll be the one in the Penguin jacket!

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  1. I know when I was in Pittsburgh,it was hard to ignore the wall to wall Pens and Steelers, black and gold, practically covering everything and almost every woman, man and child I saw over the two days I was there. They even had a Home Team Sports Apparel Store for Her in one mall I visited for crying out loud!