Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Canucks vs. Penguins = Lisa vs. Jan

by Lisa Ovens

This one just snuck up on me: my Vancouver Canucks are in Pittsburgh to play the Penguins tonight. It will also be the first time the Canucks get to take the spanky, new Consul Energy Center out for a spin. But it's not the first time for Pens writer, (and contributor to this very blog), Jan Snyder and I will go head to head in a long distance cage match!

Well, it's not a cage match at all really. We've only met in person twice before, and in both cases our beloved teams were not playing each other. The first meeting, Jan was in Vancouver for a conference, and she just happened to be here for a Canucks Playoff game (2007 game seven, Dallas Stars). So she became a Canuck for a Day, and helped cheer them on to a series win. Here we are with a playoff towel near Stanley Park...

Just over seven months later, I met up with Jan again. But this time it was in Pittsburgh for the frist ever Pens Hockey & Heels event that I was speaking at. Jan, who lives in Houston, flew in for the event as well. This time, It was me adding some of my hockey spirit, cheering on the Pens as they battled it out with division rivals, the Flyers. Unfortunately, the Pens lost, but I came out of there a winner, and much more informed on the Pittsburgh Hockey scene, thanks to Jan. Here we are vamping in front of Captain Sidney Crosby...

One day, will we find ourselves in the same place, but instead of cheering on the other person's team, cheering against each other? Accidentally bumping the other's beverage out of their hand? Or during intermission, aiming a mustard dispenser at the other's jersey when they aren't looking?
I say "Louuuuuuu?"
Jan says "Boooooooo?"

The only way we'll ever find out is if the Pens and the Canucks meet in the Stanley Cup Final. Until then...

Go Canguins GO!
Go Pennucks GO!!

to read Jan's take on the above scenario, please check out her column from October here...The Long Hot Summer is Over

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