Sunday, June 5, 2011

Canucks/Bruins Games One and Two: Things that Sting

by Lisa Ovens

I guess I am only thinking about one type of stinging feeling, and that's what the Bruins could be feeling after experiencing not one, but two painful losses to the Vancouver Canucks. Now they are heading home to Boston down 2 in this series... all I can say is "Ouch!"

Analysts often describe hockey games as " a battle of inches". But in the case of the first two games in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, it's been about a "battle of seconds." In Game One, it was all about the timing: neither team was on the scoreboard until Raffi Torres scored with 18 seconds left in the third period. A tall order for the Bruins to try and score, forcing overtime in such a small amount of time.

Then Game Two...after holding a 2-1 lead, the Bruins found themselves tied with the Canucks after Daniel Sedin's goal half way through the third period. Any opportunity to win in over time was thwarted by Alex Burrows scoring in spectacular fashion, just 11 seconds into the extra frame. Another OUCH!!!

I get the feeling the Boston Bruins haven't realized where they are yet: they are in the freaking Stanley Cup Final! Earlier this season I heard former NHL'er turned game presenter, Ray Ferraro talking about what it is like to play in huge games. I can't remember what playoff game he was describing, but he said for the first half of his icetime , it was like he wasn't even aware of what he was doing, or something of that nature. I expect it will become a reality for the Bruins once they get back to their home rink, and their home fans.

Now, as a Canuck fan, I wonder what things would be like for the city of Vancouver if the tables were turned right now, and we were down 2 games in this final round. It would be panic attack central! However, we'd also be looking for the little things to build on, and after Game Two for the Bruins there are definitely some things to take away from the OT loss. They scored two goals. They converted on a power play. They had a really strong second period. The games have been close on the scoreboard.

The Canucks have not traveled for a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see how they respond to being on the road again. After watching the news this evening I learned there are plenty of Canuck fans already in Beantown showing their support. It'll be San Jose all over again!

Other Notes...

Happy 10th Birthday, Fin!  Way back, my niece was a winner in the Name the Vancouver Canucks Mascot Contest. I say a winner, as other contestants offered up "Fin" in their entries. I am Fin's biggest fan, even when he "bites" my head. He's the Canucks true blue, one and only mascot (sorry Green Guys) and I love him dearly :o)

Lisa and Fin

Speaking of the Green Men...

Now they have a travel sponsor and will be in Boston for Games Three and Four. I hope their travel sponsor also bucked up for travel medical insurance...just in case!

Don Cherry Suit Watch Update

Bold, blue and with a leafy patterned, the jacket wins again! Canucks are now 10-2 when Cherry rocks the busy jackets. However, his love of the Bruins will most likely prevail while he reports from Boston. His "Bruin Tribute" looks often involve a one color/tone jacket, and the Canucks are 3-5 when Cherry sports the more subdued fashions. What say the jacket on Monday and Wednesday???


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