Saturday, June 11, 2011

Canucks/Bruins Game Five: Cheers to Those Who Keep the Faith

By Lisa Ovens

This was one crazy week. I wrote three columns and didn't finish one of them. It was difficult; the more I felt, the more I wrote and then new stories would develop leading me to one conclusion: revise my latest book and re-launch in the fall!

So this column is just a photo essay of life in Vancouver leading up to Game Five of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, starting with the photo above - The ticket to Game Five story. And it was a story. After two spectacular "Canuckian Losses" in Boston, Vancouver skidded into a tale spin and Game Five ticket prices tumbled. It was a news story because the local media love to devote heavy minutes to ticket prices. It's what they do.

For me I was really disappointed, especially in the fans interviewed (one chick in particular) who said she wouldn't pay more than $100 to see the game, and another man who said he would only pay $75 to see the game. That was harsh. Silly non believers is my nice way of describing the two. Don't they know anything can happen in the playoffs, and it usually does?

For me, I always felt this would be a long series, and wasn't too flustered by the those two blow outs in Boston. I felt bad for Roberto Luongo. Once again he was being nailed to the cross. I wish I could go give him a hug and pat his head saying..."you'll get it done Lou, you'll show them." 

Then less than one hour before puck drop, I came across this sign in a little Yaletown Park...

Some sweet soul who's keepin the faith made a sign and posted it in this pretty little greenway in Yaletown. Who knows, maybe they printed up a bunch and peppered the city with the love. Then another sign...

Until this thing is completely over, like so many that are keeping' the faith, I couldn't agree more with this kid's sign. To the cranky pants fans out's really simple. But you know there might have been a few non believers taking up a few little pockets in this crowd...

They said there was one hundred thousand extra people in downtown Vancouver for Game Five. This looks like the 2010 Winter Olympics all over again. Or more recently, the royal wedding in London, England. If the Canucks can win this thing, they will be Royalty in this town, and maybe even parts of the Canada (certainly not in Alberta ;o)  Yep...could all the Canuck haters right now think about the first and third stars in the photo below as royalty?? Tee Hee

The people that know me know I predicted the Canucks would win Game Five. I believed they could do it. I also believed the fans would show up, big at that game, keeping the faith with a wall of cheer. It was what the Canucks needed and the crowd in Roger's Arena delivered. Then, they got to do more of this on the outside...

My cousin, Jen didn't want me to walk into the crowds on Granville and Robson. I was a little tipsy from green bottled goodness, but I decided to walk through the streets to find my way home.

 So Canuck fans, especially those of you that have recently joined the party,  the Boston Bruins are just as willing to win this thing as the Canucks are. The Boston Bruins will not stop until this thing is over. The Stakes are as high as they come. We can believe our team will win the Cup. But if that doesn't happen in Game Six, please hang in there and keep the faith, like the rest of us do. It beats the hell out of sulking and complaining to the media.

Game Six in Boston on Monday.
The Cup will be in the House.
I don't know how I am going to sleep until then.


  1. I am SO psyched for this series and SO confident that the Canucks are the better team--but like you say, "anything" can and does happen in the playoffs. That's what makes me so nervous. Not that Vancouver won't come through, but that Boston will take advantage of some ridiculously serendipitous scoring opportunity and that we won't. Because that's how it goes. I am on the edge of my seat, but am SO pulling for the boys in blue!!

    Also, this is my first experience with the bandwagon fans--and holy cow, now I get why Canuckleheads dislike them so much. The online versions of the band-wagoners--my only exposure to Vancouver bandwagon fans--are embarrassing, and I find myself cheering (online) a little more conservatively due to my self consciousness because of them.

    I want the Canucks to win one more game, and I want it to be a hard-fought, cleanly-played hockey game worthy of being called a Stanley Cup final. I want the NHL fans out there to watch it and say, "Wow, I just watched the best team in the NHL show why they're the best team in the NHL" when they see our fellas in the orca sweaters raising the cup. That's all. I don't ask for much or anything.

  2. So happy to have found your website! I'm a Canadian expat rooting for the Canucks from Arizona!

    I'm also from Montreal, therefore I'm the natural archenemy of everything Boston. Whiners! Posers! Favoritism!

    Go Canucks tonight!

  3. Cass...thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences re: the bandwaggoners. The only real solution is to get them into hockey at the pre-season and keep'em there until the Cup is raised at the very least! In my first book, I addressed the bandwaggoners, who I also call "POOFS" PlayOff Only Fans, because really it is a timing issue with them! They need to just cut their teeth through a full season, and then they'd be "cured" haha! Thanks so much for stopping by the lounge :o)

    Have an awesome time watching Game Six!!! Go Canucks!!

  4. Francoise

    Thanks for finding the lounge @!! Glad you enjoy the place. I think some Canuck fans love the Montreal fans a lot more these days, I know I do. All I hope is we get a good game tonight! I am right downtown by the big screens right now, as they are setting up for another big crowd. I'm going to be watching with friends, and later with thousands others. Oh...I hear an impromptu Ole...Ole...and we are still a ways from puck drop!!! GO Canucks!!